5 Tips for Visualizing Success

If you want to increase the likelihood of attaining your goals, visualization is where it all begins. Having the ability to visualize your goals mindfully, teaches your brain to recognize what resources it will need to help you succeed in reaching your goals.

Many successful people and celebrities use visualization to achieving their dreams and goals, and you can do that too. Have a look at a few practical tips for successful visualization:


A Right State of Mind is Crucial:

If you have a positive state of mind, you will ultimately think positively which is essential for successful visualization. Clear your mind from unnecessary thoughts by involving in activities that help you feel relaxed. Examples of these activities are listening to your favorite music, going for a walk, reading or just taking a bath.


Involve All of Your Senses:

It would help if you kept in mind that you are the hero of your own story. Being a lead character means actively participating in your own narrative, which involves using all of your senses. Take a minute to picture yourself in a scene where you can smell, taste, see, hear and feel things –  both physically and emotionally.

For instance, if you are visualizing yourself as a boxing champion, envision yourself with a trophy, taste the sweat slipping into your mouth from your forehead, smell the bouquet of flowers given to you from your fans, hear the sound of loud applause when they announce your victory and feel the handshakes from your main supporters.

This will help you make your visualization as vivid and as real as possible.

Put Yourself in the Picture:

Many people make the mistake of visualizing themselves from just 1st person’s perspective. It would be best if you saw yourself achieving your goal from every angle, which often involves 2nd and 3rd person’s perspectives as well. Let’s continue this by taking the same boxing championship example mentioned above.

You have already envisioned yourself using all five senses, now be the audience and see yourself pinning down your opponent and receiving the trophy.

Now envision yourself from 3rd person’s perspective where people are telling each other about your success. This creates a concrete image of you accomplishing your goal in your mind, and you ultimately do it. 

Put Together a Vision Board:

Another source of visualizing besides your direct thoughts is your sight. Simply put, you can also visualize effectively and realistically if you have your goal and action plan written in front of you. You can create a ‘vision board’ and write your goal on top of it and then a complete strategy to achieving it.

This way, you will daily see your goal unfolding into reality through the action plan on your board. It will also make you visualize yourself achieving that goal regularly as you will see that board daily.


Use Self-Talk:

You are working hard to achieving your goal, and you have already made your goal a reality in your mind, but still, negative thoughts can take place. The human brain cannot have positive thoughts all the time. When things get depressing due to some setbacks in your struggle, self-talk will be the key to get you back on track with visualizing.

Tell yourself that you can do it. Like the legendary Boxer, Mohammad Ali used to say “I am the greatest.” This positive self-talk will help you push back the negative thoughts and help you visualize more clearly.

These tips will work great if you implement them in your regular visualization practice. Just remember that visualization without effort is fantasy. Work hard, set goals, act on the strategies to achieve that goal, visualize yourself achieving your goals and then witness the power of visualization.


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