Why Do Marriages Fail?

Earlier, divorces used to be very rare and couples were considering tolerance towards their spouses as a great and necessary virtue. This attitude helped in saving many marriages. But now, couples resort to divorce even if there are small problems between the spouses. There may be many reasons for this. Tolerance levels in people and especially in married couples may have come down, other factors may outweigh their decision to continue to live together and so on. But, the fact is that divorce is being viewed as a strong tool that can solve problems between spouses. The major reasons for the failure of important relationships like marriages are discussed here.

Lack of love, intimacy and romance between spouses

If the fire of love is non-existent between spouses, there may not be romance and intimacy between them. Life may be boring for both of them. So, they may plan for separation.

Allowing love to fade away

If the couples stop communicating with each other, there may be misunderstandings. This will ultimately result in fading of love between them. They will stop caring for each other also. That is why even those who are terribly busy with their work are advised to spend adequate time with their spouses.


A number of divorces happen due to the nagging nature of spouses. So, relationships like marriages can be saved and divorces can be avoided only if couples jettison their nagging habit.

Envy and possessive nature

There are couples who are very much possessive about their spouses. This may be due to their extreme love towards their partners or many other factors. But, whatever may be the reason, this quality may lead to jealousy. When couples start controlling their spouses, the affected spouses may feel that their freedom is in jeopardy. This may turn out to be a serious problem that may lead to separation.

Not showing due respect

Couples must not show disrespect to each other. Hurling abuses or scolding in front of others may gradually rob the love between the spouses. Similarly, not showing due respect to each other may also kill the marriage.

Frequent arguments

If spouses are argumentative in nature, that may slowly develop into hatred between them. So, even if there are disagreements, arguments should be avoided. Couples should talk to each other and try to solve their problems.

Apart from the above, there may be few other problems also that may lead to failure of relationships like marriages. Let us have a look.

Financial problems

If the couples face constant financial problems, it may lead to lack of romance and fire in their lives and so, marriages may fail.

Separation may not provide the right solution

Problems in marriages need not lead to divorce or separation. In fact, principles that are applied in many other relationships hold good for married lives also. Couples should realize that they make a lot of adjustments with others and when they are expected to adjust with their spouses, they are reluctant to do so. So, the right way to make a marriage successful is to show more tolerance towards your spouse.

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