freedigitalimages.comIt’s starting to feel like spring, right? The frost of winter is metaphorically melting to reveal the tender green buds of new life. It’s a fitting time to reinvent yourself. But really, every day offers a chance to start again. You don’t need a season, a new year, or a birthday to prompt progress. The invitation to personally upgrade is perpetually seducing you because human beings naturally gravitate towards health. Can you feel wellness wooing you?

Give yourself a fresh start.

Simply setting the intention to make a change sets transformation in motion. Intention has a crazy power all its own. Yes, you have to do your part, but it may be easier than you think. Once you put it out there that you want to change, the Universe rallies to support you. Before you know it, presto! You’re moving in the right direction and a positive difference is apparent. Grant yourself permission to begin again. You’re in charge. You don’t need to hit rock bottom in order to bounce up to new heights. You can just say, “O.K., I’m ready to feel better.” It’s up to you.

Spring cleaning is a great analogy for purifying mind, body and spirit. What’s in the way of you enjoying peace and joy? If there’s some old garbage mucking up the works, how might you clear that from your internal space?  Is it diminishing your quality of life on a daily basis, like a sink full of dirty dishes that disturbingly sits there and doesn’t get done? Clean it up. Imagine your life without the mess in your mind or the heaviness in your heart. Then, take some action to free yourself. You are so worth it.

Now is the time.

If you’re ready to change, start NOW. Tomorrow is seductively promising. It’s sweet to ponder what we might become one day. But this moment is the one that counts. No excuses. No self-sabotage. No delay. You can’t afford to stay stuck. Self-actualization awaits. Try on that person that you know you can be. Right now. Hello, rock-star.

 Are we there yet?

Folks come into therapy wondering how long it’ll take to change. That all depends. Granted, some things can’t be rushed. They can’t be forced. Progress takes time and it tends to favor baby steps. On the other hand, the velocity of your personal growth is largely up to you. One tiny action in the right direction creates momentum that may take on a life of it’s own. So do the small step. Flow will take you from there. If it feels daunting just to embark on a healing journey at all, be gentle and patient with yourself. Take it slow and give yourself credit when the hardest part is behind you: beginning. If you feel eager for relief and want accelerated change, O.K. Ready, set, go.

Posted by: Entelechy Wellness Center Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, Faith Freed, Author of IS: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed (Hay House, 2013). For more visit FaithFreed.com.

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