What it Takes to Build a Healthy Marriage

When you get married, you cannot assume that even without making any efforts, your marriage will be successful. But, the fact is that you should nurture your relationship with your spouse appropriately to make your marriage successful. Many couples commit the mistake of ignoring this aspect and they are not able to have healthy marriages.

Tips to make a marriage healthy

Spend more time with your spouse

You must make it a point to spend time with your spouse. Even if the duration is as small as ten minutes a day, you should take care that there is no interruption or disturbance. Such interactions, however brief they may be, will do a world of good to your relationship with your spouse. But, whenever possible, you can spend more time with your spouse. There should not be any distraction or interruption even during such dates. You and your life-partner should not focus on anything else except on each other. This will bring both of you closer.

Listening and supporting

Listening attentively to what your spouse says is very important. This will strengthen the relationship between you and your spouse. Further, if you do not listen attentively to what she or he says, you may not know when your spouse may need support. You can discuss anything but, being attentive is important.

You can fix time for daily briefings

Your aim is to have improved communication with your spouse. You may say that you are having regular communication with your spouse but, this communication may only center around household matters like budgeting, paying bills, purchase of necessary items and so on. So, you must ensure to talk something other than these household matters. Meaningful interactions like these may make your spouse happy. Further, such interactions can help you and your spouse understand each other better. Better understanding is a key element in healthy marriages.


If you think that marriage is a relationship in which there is no need for expressing gratitude, you are making a mistake. Thanking the spouse even for small things may go a long way in strengthening the relationship and in increasing positive feelings between each other. Otherwise, your spouse may feel that you are taking her or him for granted.


Some people behave in harsh manner with their spouses. You must understand that your spouse also has feelings. They may be experiencing some pain, they may have tired feelings, fatigue, etc. But, your kind words may bring back cheer in your spouse’s mind. Such kind gestures may give your spouse the strength to face any situation in life. You can express your love, concern and kindness by doing small household chores and relieve your spouse of the work pressure.

Never fail to respect your spouse

You must never show disrespect to your spouse. Healthy marriages are built around mutual respect and trust. Likewise, even when there are different opinions, you should put forth your point of view with respect. You should listen to your spouse’s views also with respect. These are the vital points that can ensure healthy marriages. You must follow them strictly to make your marriage successful.

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