What is Implicit Self-esteem

Implicit self-esteem is an important constituent of self-esteem and it is the disposition of a person to evaluate himself or herself in an unconscious manner. But, this should be automatic and spontaneous. Implicit self-esteem is the opposite of explicit self-esteem that is reflective self-evaluation.

Benefits Of High Self-Esteem

Managing Stressful Situations Becomes Easy

If you have high self-esteem, you can manage stress easily. Failures may not affect you also because you will consider failures as experiences that teach you life’s lessons. So, your anxiety levels will almost be nil.

Dealing With Threats Like Existential Threats Is Easy

High self-esteem helps you to deal with threats including existential threats.

You Will Become More Likable

You will automatically become a likable person. In other words, your social acceptance improves to a great extent.

Happiness And Good Mental As Well As Physical Health

Since you will have a positive outlook about yourself, you will be happy and so, your mental as well as physical health will be good.

You Can Unconsciously Improve Your Self-Esteem

Psychologists are of the unanimous opinion that you can adopt unconscious processes for removing a number of problems that are caused by social psychological issues. That is why they are differentiating between two types of self-esteem and they have named them as explicit and implicit self-esteem. While explicit self-esteem is a conscious process, implicit self-esteem is an unconscious process for self-evaluation.

Unlike in explicit self-esteem in which you consciously analyze your situation and develop suitable positive traits, you may find it difficult to use the unconscious association automatically in implicit self-esteem because you are not involving conscious thoughts in this process.

Does it mean you have no means to develop implicit self-esteem? No. You can certainly develop this by adopting two ways.

A Powerful Exercise

Whenever you face a problem, you should consciously act as if you are confident as well as persistent. You should face the situation with an upright and confident posture with your head high and with a broad smile. Your mind should be full of expectations of success. Even when failure stares you in your face, you must remember that failure is not at all personal but it may be the result of lack of preparation or wrong planning. If you do your homework once again with such an attitude, you will find the most appropriate solutions for the problem.

Such persistent efforts should be made till you succeed. Psychologists assertively say that this can be the most powerful exercise for training your mind in implicit self-esteem. You will become immune to all types of negative feed-backs you receive and also all types of situations including failures. If you consistently practice this, you will unconsciously become a positive-minded person and you can resolve all the challenges you may encounter in your life. You will have a high self-esteem.

Subliminal Messages

The second way to develop implicit self-esteem is to make use of subliminal messages that are video-embedded. A number of universities have tested this method and they have proved that this is also a good way to develop implicit self-esteem.  According to the researchers, this method acts fast also because messages that are consciously unnoticeable are presented to the mind.

If you adopt either of these two ways and improve your implicit self-esteem, you will benefit immensely. Once you achieve a very high self-esteem, you can easily accomplish great feats in life.

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