Understanding the Psychology and Effect of Materialism

It is not a denying fact that materialism has become a persistent trend in our society. Just check out the increasing lust to earn more money and own material goods, and you will find that there is a rat race to own and enjoy material world more than ever before. While owning material goods and enjoying the materialistic world is not a bad habit, but it is certainly wrong to go to any extent foregoing moral values in an attempt to own the material world.

Psychology of materialism

Many folks are obsessed with materialism. Put simply, people are mad after money and money matters. They have a craving for money just like a binge eater who is always searching for food to eat not knowing that overeating is actually harmful to his overall health. In the same way, materialistic people fail to realize that wasting valuable time only on making money and buying short-lived worldly items will in no sense bring real happiness. Still, people are in haste to own as much material goods as possible. However, there are many negative effects of materialism. Some of them are outlined below.

Effects of the psychology of materialism

No moral values

People who give importance to money and other worldly things give up moral values to earn worldly stuff. They believe that there is nothing wrong in resorting to wrong means in order to enjoy the luxuries of life. In fact, some individuals go to any extent to relish the luxuries of worldly life. People often rob, ditch others to make money by wrong means to live a luxuriant life. In the process, most of them murder the very basic values of human life.

Spoiled relationship

When moral values are kept aside, it greatly impacts your relationship. No matter whether it is a family relationship or social relationship, people behave like animals when it comes to enjoying worldly lust. Most of them think that there is no here-after where they will be questioned for their deeds. As a result, they give no importance to even close relationship, but only to monetary affairs.

Unethical living

Folks with the psychology of materialism often compete with others to gain more materialistic joys. They do not bother whether they are making money through right or wrong means. They are only concerned about how much money they are making in the shortest possible time. Ethical living is no longer given a priority; the only priority is worldly gains. All unethical ways are employed to generate money to live a lavish life.

Final words

Thus, the psychology of materialism has a lot of negative effects on the life of any individual. In spite of this, more and more people are running after money and materialism. However, you can avoid yourself from becoming a victim of materialism, and save yourself from all negative aspects by practicing moral values. If you follow moral values with right psychology, and strive hard in the material world, you will definitely progress ahead like others while maintaining a harmonious relationship with everyone in the society.

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