Treating Teen Anxiety

Anxious feelings, fears and worries are quite common among kids and adolescents alike. Most of the children observe a normal apprehension in certain situations, but some children experience such situations with an overwhelming sense of dread and fear. Often such fear and dread get occupied in the mindset of small children which can have a negative effect on their well being in the long run. Anxiety can take the form of sleep disturbance, unrealistic fears, feeling nervous, trembling, sweating and obsessive thoughts. If the problem is left untreated, it can make a child mentally retarded. Some children even die due to anxiety. However, it is possible to treat teen anxiety.

Asses your child’s behavior and increase his confidence to fight anxiety

When you observe any symptoms of anxiety in your child, assess the behavior of your child in particular situations that trigger anxiety. Treating your child’s anxiety by yourself is certainly not possible, but you can definitely enhance the confidence of your child to get rid of fears to a certain level. The better the confidence level of your child, the better will be his ability to cope up with anxiety. Besides this, help your child to develop a sense of positive mindset.

Consult a psychiatrist

After enhancing your child’s self confidence, consult a psychiatrist who carries a good name for resolving teen anxiety. As a part of the treatment, the psychiatrist will come up with an individualized or customized treatment for your child. The treatment plan could include a combination of cognitive behavior therapy for your child along with medication, family therapy as well a parent support and education. If your child is observing minor levels of anxiety, a little family support in conjunction with certain medications will suffice the need.

However, a serious level of teen anxiety warrants higher attention to get rid of the problem. The treatment can involve a series of counseling sessions to discuss problems and solutions after administering a particular treatment. As a part of the treatment, parents will be imparted training about how to handle their child during serious anxiety attacks. In order to cure serious anxiety, the therapist will employ cognitive behavior to cure your child.

Cognitive behavior therapy

In this therapy, the causes of negative feelings are analyzed in great detail. The therapist helps a child to identify his irrational behavior in given circumstances. By assuring the child that no such circumstances pose serious threats to his life, the therapists assist the child in overcoming those negative thoughts with better confidence. Once the child learns to manage the situation in a rational manner, his level of anxiety subsides to a great extent. Finally, your child will be educated to be practical and act rationally like others in any circumstances.

Closing thoughts

Over a period of time, your child will be treated from teen anxiety. Persistent family support, regular counseling sessions through a reputed therapist and proper medication can help your child overcome any level of anxiety. Above all the support and assistance from you as a parent is pertinent for curing teen anxiety.

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