Tips For Happy, Successful And Healthy Marriages

In some cultures, it is believed that marriages are made in heaven. This is because of the fact that this is a great relationship between a man and a woman. They create a healthy family together and for achieving this there should be a healthy relationship between the man and the woman. Of course, it is true that when a wedding is conducted each and every one gathering will wish that the couple should lead a happier life for several years to come and they should spend days of joys and sorrows together and should be helpful to each other in every walk of life. So, are you newly married and wish to make your relationship one among the healthy marriages in the world? Yes, you have come to the right place, here are some tips for the same:


When we meet our spouse-to-be for the first time, the thing we wish to do is to impress him or her. Of course, during the first meet, we will be polite and we make use of appropriate manners. But, somewhere down the line once we become familiar to each other and after some years of wedding, it is quite natural that our unruly behavior and bad habits will slip out. The politeness too goes away and this should be avoided. Politeness shown by one individual towards the other will surely make healthy marriages.

Constructive Criticism

It has been found that men are sensitive to criticism as compared to women. If you are a woman, who can praise the good things in your man and also point out some mistakes, it will surely be taken as constructive criticism. If you find that something is wrong with your man, you can surely point out, but before facing your index finger on him, remember that the other three fingers next to the index finger are facing you. You should also be ready to take up the constructive criticism given by your man and this is an important technique followed by people, who have enjoyed healthy marriages.

Do not play the blame game

When you are always blaming others for their wrong behavior, you will forget that you too have some problems and it is essential that you should transform. When you are wrong, you should have the ability to accept your wrong doing. You should accept that you too can make mistakes and you too have some flaws that are to be corrected. This will provide you the opportunity to grow yourself as a matured and beautiful person and also as a responsible mom or dad.

Forgive to forward

People, who have forgiven the mistakes of others always have won in their lives. Of course, the activity of your spouse might sometimes hurt you, but mistakes are common in human. Remember that the mistake would have been done just because of the fact that he/she is busy in their own work.

To conclude, five T’s are highly essential for healthy marriages and they are Touch, Trust, Transparency, Talk and Time. Follow these things and continue your healthy relationship with your spouse which is a sign of healthy marriages.

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