The Seriousness of Teen Depression

Many people have a notion that there are a lot of differences between teen depression and the depression affecting adults. This notion is completely wrong because teen depression can also affect the victims as much as adult depression. In fact, there may be serious consequences if teens affected by depression are not treated on time. 

Teenage is that phase of life during which the young adolescents may like to experiment and explore new things. They may also try to find their own identity because they think that they are very near adulthood. Though they take their parents as their role models and try to emulate them, they may have others also as role models. Therefore, they may be greatly influenced by their teachers, friends and the celebrities they admire. But, if they are affected by depression, they may find it difficult to find their identity. They may not be able to decide whom to follow or emulate also.

Factors That Contribute To Teen Depression

Though there can be several factors that may contribute to teen depression, some of the main factors can readily trigger depression in teens.

Peer Pressure

Children face a lot of competition in their studies. Teachers also commit the mistake of comparing students with each other. This is a wrong approach. This causes what is called “peer pressure”. When teens are unable to live up to the expectations of their teachers or parents, they wilt and this may cause a lot of problems including depression and anxiety.


Researches have revealed that if parents or grand parents had been affected by depression problem, their teens may also have this problem.

Traumatic Events

If teens experience traumatic events like loss of loved ones, split between parents, accidents, etc., they may be affected by depression.

Effects of Teen Depression

Teen depression can seriously affect the lives of the affected children. That is why parents are advised to identify the symptoms and take suitable and timely action. Though there can be many effects, some of the serious effects can cause more harm than the others.

Substance Abuse

Children seriously affected by teen depression may take to habits like drug abuse, drinking, smoking of prohibited substances like marijuana, etc.

Violent Behavior

Severely depressed children can exhibit violent behaviors. They may try to hurt themselves as well as others.

Difficulties in Maintaining Relationships

Since they may wish to isolate themselves, they may not interact with others including relatives, siblings and friends. So, their relationships with others may seriously be affected.

Suicidal Tendencies

In extreme cases, teens may have suicidal tendencies. Studies reveal that among the suicidal deaths, those related to teen depression are significantly high in number.

How Parents Should Handle Depressed Teens

Parents, relatives, friends and teachers of the children affected by teen depression should play an active role during the treatment process. They should acquire a good amount of knowledge about this problem so that they can be alert to such behavior of these children. These teens should understand that everyone cares for them.

Parents should necessarily spend sufficient time with these teens. They should talk to them, encourage them, listen to their feelings and make them realize that they offer their unconditional love and support to them.

Experts opine that if the relationships between teens and parents are good, it can effectively avoid the serious problem of teen depression.

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