Ten Things that Cause Teen Depression

Teen depression is certainly an infirmity and it may negatively impact how the affected adolescent feels, thinks or acts to situations. The number of teens getting affected by this problem has been increasing day by day.

Though there are a number of factors that may contribute to teen depression, the following ten factors top the list. Ironically, the teen who has been affected by the problem may know the root cause for the issue. But unfortunately, they may not be in a position to assertively talk about it because more than one factor may contribute to the problem. The fact is that even experts in the field sometimes find it difficult to diagnose or find out the right cause for the problem. But the good news is that whatever may be the cause for this mental health issue, it can be treated.

Academic Demands

Teens of today face a host of academic demands that may overwhelm them. Teachers commit the mistake of pressurizing children with heavy work-loads and this may cause stress in the minds of the teens. Some of the teachers may commit the mistake of comparing the performances of teens. This may also cause depression in children.


A number of transitions may happen in the lives of teens. For example, if the parents shift to a new place, they may be admitted to a new school. This may cause anxiety in their minds because they may think that getting acclimatized to the new environment may be difficult.

Balancing Studies And Social Life

In general, teens may find it easy to manage and balance their studies and social life. But a few teens may find it difficult to do this balancing act. This may cause teen depression.

Financial Problems In The Family

If there are financial problems in the family, teens may not be able to cope up with the situation. This may cause anxiety and depression in them.

Family Concerns

There may be many other types of family concerns that may mentally disturb teens. This may affect all their behaviors and activities. The main impact is that it may cause depression in them.

Social Isolation

If teens find it difficult to maintain good relationships with their co-students or friends, they may be distressed because they may feel that they are being socially isolated.

New Environment

Transfers of parents to a new place or city may force teens to face new environments. Though young children and adolescents get adjusted to new environments easily, some teens may face difficulties in doing so. These teens may be affected by depression.

Problems Due To New Ideas

New innovations and ideas keep taking place. Some of the teens may not be able to understand them. When they find that their co-students are able to understand the ideas better, they may be distressed more.

Decisions About Careers

Teens have to start preparing for their career even when they are in school. Teens very well know that there is a high level of competition in the job market. Some teens may worry about this and this may result in depression.

Major loss

If someone close to them dies or if there is separation in the family, this may cause anxiety and depression in teens.

In addition to the above factors, chronic illness, genetic reasons, etc. may also cause teen depression.

As pointed out earlier, teen depression can be treated. But parents should seek the help of competent experts for treating their affected teens.

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