Teen depression: What Parents Need to Know and How to Help

Many parents have a lot of misconceptions about teen depression. Some of them correlate this problem with the bad moods of their teens or their occasional sadness. If you are a parent, you should realize that depression in your teens can be a serious problem. If you do not recognize and treat it on time, your teens may get entangled in several other problems like drug or alcohol addiction, unprotected sex and pregnancy, sexually-transmitted-diseases, violence, suicidal tendencies. You must rise to the occasion and ensure to offer the support your teens require for getting back their normal lives.

Tips to parents for understanding the depression of their teens

Pressures teens face

As a parent, you may be aware that your teens are facing many types of pressures. The physical and mental changes during puberty are one of the main pressures they face. Apart from this, they may not be certain if they are capable of making decisions. On certain occasions, they may be confident and may be making their own decisions. On many other occasions, they may depend upon their parents or other elders for advice. Another type of pressure is the peer pressure they face in their studies as well as in other activities. Even small failures may upset them. But, their sadness should not be allowed to turn into depression. You must watch if your teens are always irritable, aggressive and angry because these are prominent signs of teen depression.

Other symptoms of teen depression

Unusual irritability and hostility

Teens who have been affected by depression may constantly be irritable and they will get angry even over trivial matters. They may try to withdraw from their friends, family members and other relatives. They may like to remain like a recluse without interest in any activities.

Frequent crying

Due to teen depression, these young people may get upset and agitated even over small failures and they may start crying. This may happen very frequently. This can be another prominent symptom to show that your teens have been affected by depression.

Changes in eating as well as sleeping habits

You can see visible changes in their eating as well as sleeping habits. They may lose interest in eating and if you care to observe their sleeping habit, you may find that they may either be over-sleeping or may not be able to sleep at all. They may lack in energy and so, may not be able to concentrate on anything. Teens who have been extremely affected may have suicidal thoughts also.

Parental support to affected teens during the treatment process

Your teens should know that you are there to support them always. If they know that they are cared for, they may get the confidence that they can get back their normal lives soon. This will do a world of good for the success of the treatment process. You should show a lot of understanding because some of the situations may exhaust you physically and mentally. You must be patient and should try to instill positive thoughts into the minds of your teens. You must encourage them to involve themselves in various types of physical and social activities so that the symptoms of teen depression gradually vanish.

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