Teen Depression Linked with Suicidal Tendencies

We come across many men, who are heated by excess drinking of wine and like this, young kids in their adolescent age are heated by nature. This was pointed out by Aristotle about 2300 years ago through an observation and after several hundred decades now, things have never changed. The brain of teenage children behaves in the same way. But, researchers are still finding out why the brain of a teenager is so violent and what type of biological factors can make them vulnerable to mood disorders, substance abuse, teen depression and even suicide. 


Do you know that this dangerous thing is the third important reason behind the death of teenage children falling between the age group of 15 and 19 as per the study conducted by the National Centers For Disease Control and Prevention? Another report shows an increase in the number of children losing their lives to suicide these days. There is a considerable increase in this number in many towns in the United States.

Misconceptions about teen suicides:

A suicide prevention expert and the Director of Pshychitric programs in Public Safety at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Dr. Barry N. Feldman has said that there are plenty of misconceptions about suicides taking place among children. Many of us think that harassment and pressure to perform and succeed in education or in sports or sexual orientation are the main reasons among teenage children killing themselves. But, this expert says that there are many other possible risk factors associated. He has pointed out that when you give too much attention of sexual orientation or harassment, you will overlook the underlying vulnerability, the kid may have.

He has further added that self-killing is caused mainly by the underlying vulnerabilities and the collection of risk factors. It is an endeavor to solve the problem of inability to solve a problem and the intense pain caused by the problem itself.

Asymmetric development of teenage brain:

Researchers have found that the problem with the brain of young adolescents is the unbalanced and asymmetric way of its development. This statement is pointed out by Dr. Timothy Wilens, who is a child psychiatrist.

Dr. Wilens has further added that the hippocampus and amygdala, which are parts of human brain responsible for storing emotions and its associated desires mature at a faster pace as compared to the part called as Prefrontal Cortex, which is responsible for controlling the emotions and desires. Also, he has further added that all through the teenage period and until a person reaches the age of 25 years, the Prefrontal cortex, which should play a major role in planning the decision making lags behind, making the teen take risky decisions.

High risk children:

Dr. Mai Uchida, who is a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Mass, has said that like high cholesterol and hypertension, which act as high-risk factors for heart attack, mood disorders are signs that a particular kid is at the risk of suicide. So, as and when parents suspect teen depression in their child, they should take the help of a psychiatrist.

To conclude, the warning sign of teen depression should be taken seriously by parents and teens to protect their child from suicide attempts.

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