Skinny Boys Likely to Suffer from Teen Depression

Experts point out that overweight adolescents may be affected by teen depression. In the case of skinny children, they may convince themselves that they are not healthy or fit enough and so, they may also suffer from depression. In reality, these skinny children may be of the right weight and may be healthy as well, but they still perceive themselves to be unhealthy.

Mental thinking and depression

The mental outlook or the perspective of these teens makes them suffer from the problem of depression. Whether the teens will be affected by depression or not depends upon the mental strength of these young people.

There are a number of skinny children who may not suffer from depression at all. Likewise, there may be an equal or more number of children who may suffer from depression.

It is not how skinny or healthy the children are that gets them depressed. But, it is their mental strength that determines whether or not they will suffer from depression. Unfortunately, skinny children may convince themselves by repeatedly asserting that they are not healthy or fit. Such repeated assertions may make them lose their self-confidence. They may even start thinking that they are worthless or useless.

What should parents do?

Parents of skinny children should educate the children that being skinny or lean has no relevance to developing depression. These children should also be made to understand that they should have the mental strength to face various types of situations in their life. Teens should realize that even if they are lean, they can be healthy and that their self-confidence alone will help them combat the problems they may face in their life.

What should parents of children affected by depression do?

Parents of skinny children who have been affected by teen depression should find out if their children have such a wrong notion. If they are certain that their children have such a misconception and if they think that these children are susceptible to be affected by depression, they should act in time. They should try to give them counseling by experts.

Will psychologists or psychiatrists help?

If situations warrant, parents of these children should not hesitate to seek the advice and help of professionals like psychologists or psychiatrists. There are many treatment options for treating these children.

Treatment options

The psychologists or psychiatrists may use talk-therapy to treat these children. They may talk to them and convince them that their fear, depression or concerns have no basis.

These professionals may adopt a combined approach consisting of both psychotherapy and medications such as anti-depressants. But, certain experts advise against administering anti-depressants because these medicines may induce unwanted side effects in some people. It is for the professionals to evaluate the condition of these teens and make the right decision.

Simply put, if young boys, whether they are skinny or of normal weight, are trained suitably so that they possess the right attitude and mental strength, they can be protected from teen depression.

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