Six Self-esteem Boosters

It is an undeniable fact that low self-esteem may sap your enthusiasm and may hamper your progress. If you want to succeed in your life, you should take steps to keep your self-confidence levels high. The following steps can act as effective and sustainable self-esteem boosters.

Find Yourself

You should take a vow to be yourself. This means you should find yourself first by studying your own personality. One of the main mistakes almost all of us make is to study others and try to be like them. It is not necessary. Comparing with others and trying to be like them is a waste of time and efforts because you are unique. They cannot be like you and you cannot become a true replica of others. If you are not willing to be yourself, you will subject yourself to sadness. You will lose your self-esteem also. You should never forget the fact that you have your own physical as well as mental capabilities and resources and it is not necessary that you should copy others or compare yourself with others for succeeding in life.

Never Personalize Mistakes

No one can be perfect because everyone commits mistakes. Even the so-called geniuses who walked on this earth committed foolish acts. But you should have a “macro” view of things and stop focusing on the mistakes. In fact, there is nothing more foolish than personalizing mistakes. If you commit a mistake, you will not consider yourself as bad just because of that mistake. The same rule should be applied when you judge others also. In fact, trying to judge others itself is a mistake. But even if you embark upon this futile exercise, you should not focus on the mistakes people commit while judging them. A person may have committed a mistake but may have learned his or her lesson from it.

Never Worry About Others’ Opinions

You should first understand that you cannot please everyone. So you can never be popular with everyone. Let us assume that a number of people appreciate your competence, good behaviors, etc. But there may be an equal or even more number of people who may dislike you. Therefore, you should never worry about what others think of you. Instead, you should use your good judgment and do what is right according to you.

Never Label People

There are a number of people who find it easy to label people. But they forget the fact that others may be labeling them also. Not only that, when you label others, you are labelling yourself because the weak spots in your perception become ‘visible’ to others.

Avoid Conjecturing Or Mind Reading

If you think that you are capable of reading others’ minds, you have to feel sorry for yourself. Mind-reading is not as easy as you think. Similarly, conjecturing and coming to conclusions may be easy but unfortunately, such conclusions may be wrong. Therefore, you should never attempt to read others’ minds or indulge in conjecturing.

Study Your Weaknesses

You must do an assessment of yourself and find out the triggers that force you to make wrong assessments or wrong decisions. Once you find them out, you should avoid acting as soon those triggers appear. You should think through your actions before taking them. This will help you avoid committing mistakes. When you make less mistakes, you have every reason to have enhanced self-confidence that may boost your self-esteem.

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