Signs Suggesting You May Need Couples Counseling

Marriage is a journey which goes through highs and lows. Sometimes it may be hard to find out if the marriage is working or not, as the partners have not been serious about it. Couples counseling can be resorted to if the couple wishes to study their troubled marriage and take it forward. Here are indications when you need professional help to save your marriage.

Lack of communication

Communication becomes absent in couples who have distanced themselves apart or between whom coldness has hit to the hilt because of disagreements over issues. A therapist helps a couple to see the focus around which each other’s opinions are coiled. He makes them clear the issues they have been fighting about and ending up with no avail.

Change in intimacy levels

Intimacy is a factor which keeps your marriage working. Changes in the level of intimacy may either be an increase or decrease. Commonly decrease is touted as an alarming signal in marriage, although an increase is not a healthy sign either. The simple reason being that the increase can be due to the reflection of another attraction your partner feels in you.

Past troubles

Sometimes events from the past could have left deep scars in the mind which come in the way of your marriage. When traumatic experiences or tragedies often impinge thoughts, it becomes difficult to concentrate on the current relationship. This can make the partner in crisis to hold back or go into a shell. A professional can help the troubled partner to get over it move on in life with a positive spirit.

Money troubles

Finance is the area where one partner does not approve of the way the other partner deals with it at all times. When you are often kept in dark by your partner about finances and decisions regarding money are under the complete control of your partner, you should voice your opinion. When still your partner prefers not to tell or involve you, it is time to seek the help of a professional counselor.

Raising children

Children are objects of special affection for their parents and hence parents may want their children to be taught or bred in a certain way. The trouble occurs when your partner does not approve of your style of parenting or vice versa. This can lead to frequent arguments and cause displeasure in children as well. Seeking counseling at this point can bring down trouble.

Presence of traces of love

Marriage need not end just because there is no communication or there are constant fights. The feeling of love can make you gravitate towards your partner regardless of the situation you are in. This indicates that you can give your marriage a fair chance. Presence of love in a couple is enough to make the partners to attempt to sort out differences and resume their relationship.

Couples counseling only help a couple to communicate and see things with clarity. It neither comes with the guarantee of bringing your marriage back on the track nor of showing the end of it.

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