Short and Long Term Fixes for Anxiety Issues

If you have previously experienced a situation, where you came across a chest-pounding and heart-racing feeling, where you were not able to do something or even say something and even you struggled to breathe, it was the situation, where you experienced anxiety. In the present busy world that keeps you constantly connected with people, it is extremely usual to get some unrelenting pressure situations. Remember that you are not alone.

When you face a situation of anxiety or panic attack, it is common to look for immediate relief. But, experts say that it is more common to blend a long or short term solution that can give you relief.

Here, let us get into the details about the two most common types of anxiety issues and also the steps you can take to get both immediate and long-term relief from them:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD):

You know that there is no reason to feel uneasy or tensed. But, you cannot stop those negative thoughts and this is what generalized anxiety disorder is all about. In other words, it can be stated as worrying about worrying. It is found that women are more prone to this condition as compared to men and some of the symptoms of this condition include trouble in sleeping and headaches. There are chances that you will have to take several trips to your doctor for finding that it is a problem caused by anxiety.

Short-term fix:

Dr. Chloe Carmichael, who is a private psychologist practicing from New York advices that you can create a zone of control for yourself. Here, the things that are concerning you can be broken into two and they are the ones that you can control and the other should include points that are beyond your control. When the items are classified, you can move forward towards the things that can be controlled and can get relieved.

Long-term fixes:

When you are worried about long-term commitments like planning cross-country moves and settling huge debts, the technique called mind mapping can help you. Under this technique, you can generate insights that can guide you in understanding the emotional aspects of your goal and how to connect with each other.

Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD):

Do you know that many successful people have faced this disorder in their lives?

Short-term fix:

When you have a behavior that you know will not help you in any way, but are not able to get over it, you are facing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and practicing response prevention can be a short-term remedy for this condition. This means that you can make it impossible for you to engage in that act. For instance, if you have the practice of checking your phone obsessively, you can just hand over the phone to your friend to hold it for the next 20 minutes, whenever you feel like using it. This means that you should distract yourself from the habit to get rid of it.

Long-term relief:

One thing that can help in stopping yourself from obsessive behavior is to create a mental shortlist. This means that as and when you feel obsessive about something, just concentrate on some other thing. Like you can concentrate on some interesting things like planning your vacation, playing with your children. This will help in getting rid of anxiety issues falling under the category of OCD.

To conclude, there are remedies for any mental illness and so you need not have to worry about your anxiety issues.

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