Set Free from Toxic Relationships

A lot of talk has been going on about toxic relationships but many are not aware what this phrase or term means. These people wonder that the word “toxic” denotes poisonous things that may drain life as well as energy and how this word can be used to describe a relationship.

On the other hand, a relationship is meant for connecting one or more people with each other. Relationships can happen between two people and it may culminate into a friendship or it can happen due to romance or marriage.

A toxic relationship is one that drains the energy of either or both the partners. It can otherwise be described as a dangerous relationship. This relationship will give unhappiness to both the partners. But, there are ways to deal with such an happy situation.

Ways To Deal With Unhappiness Of A Toxic Relationship

Partners should first know if the relationship is really unhealthy or not. Once they are certain about it, they should take steps to deal with it. The following points will make partners understand if the relationship between them is toxic or not.

Study The Emotions

If the relationship is toxic, either or both the partners may have a different type of feeling when they are with each other. They will feel unhappy, criticized or controlled. On the other hand, in a healthy relationship, there will be transparency, mutual respect and support, positive feelings and a sense of exploration. A toxic relationship will be full of mockery and there will be judgments. Constructive criticism will not find a place in a toxic relationship and in the place of constructive criticism, there will be belittling.

Are You Able To Be Yourself?

Unlike in a normal and healthy relationship, there will be criticism of goals in a toxic relationship. One partner will think that the goals of the other are unimportant and so, they may expect the other partner to sacrifice his or her goals. In short, partners are not allowed to have their own identities. Healthy relationships will allow both the partners to grow and be their true selves. There will be respect for the other partner’s opinions, thoughts and aspirations. There will be honest communications. Responsibilities will be shared by both the partners also.

Intuition Can Help

Gut feelings can be a good guide for knowing about people or situations. But, there are a number of so-called rationalists who may criticize this because they consider themselves more intellectual than others who believe in these gut feelings. But, many people including some of the experts believe in intuition and gut feelings though they do not have evidence to prove this.

Whether one should believe their gut feelings or not, the fact is that in a toxic relationship, one partner may try to control the other. But, in the case of healthy relationships, partners may trust each other and may be supportive.

What Is The Best Solution?

The best solution is to sever the relationship because continuing the relationship may be a drain on the energy, time and other resources. Once the symptoms of a toxic relationship are recognized, it is better to put an end to the relationship itself. This requires honesty as well as courage. Half-hearted commitments never work in relationships. There should be complete trust, mutual respect, transparent communication, positive respect, etc. Otherwise, continuing the relationship may not be a prudent step.

Be Ready To Embrace A Change

Once the relationship is severed, some people may need support. Trustworthy friends or professionals may help them to surmount the emotional trauma they have been facing due to the toxic relationships they have been having and also due to the split. They can think of practicing deep breathing, meditation, yoga, etc. They should learn to appreciate all the good things and qualities they have. They should develop their interest in other things so that they can divert their minds towards living a purposeful and useful life. If they find a new and good partner or are having strong relationships, they can have the life they have been aspiring for also.

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