Self-esteem Tips for Elders

It is wrong to assume that your self-esteem level will be in tact even if you age. That is why elders are advised to watch how children and young people get over their self confidence issues. In fact, healthy self-esteem plays a big role in a person’s life at every stage.

How age and self-esteem are inter-linked

Studies reveal that people’s health is very much related to their self confidence and self-esteem. If they are affected by depression, it may negatively impact their success. These studies have found out that certain people are prone to be affected by low self-esteem. This problem may have started at a very young age and it may deteriorate as they age. So, when people reach the age of 60, their self-esteem may be very low.

There is another theory that suggests that self-esteem levels peak during middle age because people may have a stable income, they may have a family and they may have developed relationships. A few people may have achieved good positions in their career or succeeded reasonably well in their businesses.

But, in the case of elders, they may have retired from services, they may have entrusted their business to the next generation and so on. Some of the elders may not have kept abreast of the developments and innovations that may have taken place and so, their knowledge may be obsolete. There may be declining health also and due to all these reasons, their self-esteem may be very low.

This shows that wealth, status and health may be the key factors that determine the self-esteem of people. When people reach the age of 60, they may not be able to do things they were easily doing earlier. Their body may not cooperate with them. They may even face issues like indigestion, weakened eyesight, weakened muscles, etc. They may become dependent on others. This may rob their self-confidence.

If any of your elderly family members including your parents have a low self-esteem, you can use the following tips to infuse confidence in them.

Tips to instill self-confidence and self-esteem in elders

Encourage physical activities

You should encourage them to have a disciplined exercises regimen. They need not do difficult exercises but they can at least go for regular walks or similar other exercises. If they keep themselves active, that is good for their health. Further, it will instill confidence in them.

Instill in them a positive attitude by pointing out possibilities

Though there may be certain things they may not be able to do, it cannot be assumed that they cannot do any thing. So, you should point out to them that there are many things they can do confidently.

You can help them find out new ways for doing things they are not able to do. For example, if one of the elders in your family loves reading but does not have a good eyesight, you can get the person audio books.

How regular activities will boost confidence

There are many senior centers that regularly organize activities for the elders. You can get your elders enrolled in those centers so that they can spend their time purposefully. If they make new friends and involve themselves in various types of activities, their self-esteem will get a boost.

Appreciate sincerely and profusely

You should praise them as often as possible and even for small accomplishments. This will remove negativity from their minds and their confidence will improve. But, you should be sincere in your appreciation to boost their self-esteem.

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