Self-Esteem Reflects Aging Process and Longevity

The three-word phrase that is immensely popular with those people who make resolutions is ‘Get Into Shape’. Even though this phrase makes use of the word ‘shape’, it is actually referring to the health of a person. Media as well as advertisers the world over have made people believe that being beautiful is all about flaunting a bare midriff or sporting bellybutton jewelry. This worldwide obsession with so-called beauty is rather unhealthy as it negatively affects the self-esteem of a person, irrespective of their age or gender.

How Self-Esteem Suffers

People nowadays tend to view themselves as being full of imperfections or mere replicas of their parents or grandparents. All they strive to attain in life is society’s approval of their body and its shape. Since most people fail to achieve that ideal ‘shape’, they end up disillusioned and suffer from a low self-esteem.

Rarely do people ever view themselves as being beautiful and often scoff at being told that they are beautiful just the way they are. Such people often face sharp criticism and discrimination for their not-so-perfect bodies, particularly if they are overweight. The effects of critical comments can be devastating for individuals and can create a poor image of themselves in their own mind, which affects their self-esteem and in turn affects every other aspect of their lives.

Self-Esteem, Longevity, and Aging

The MacArthur Foundation has recently divulged the results of a study that was conducted on the relationship between longevity, aging and self-esteem. This study was conducted on several thousands of people over the age of 50 years. It was discovered that self-esteem played the most important role in determining a person’s lifespan and the quality of their life as well.

People who suffer from low self-esteem and think poorly of themselves tend to increase their chances of developing a number of illnesses. It has been discovered that their chances of death also increases threefold as well. It is for these very reasons that it is vitally important to look at the positive side of things in life.

How Can Self-Esteem Be Boosted?

Seeing the vital role that self-esteem plays in boosting longevity and slowing down aging, you must do everything you can to boost it. Here are a few helpful tips.

Consider The True Concept Of Beauty

Irrespectively of what the world might consider beauty to be, true beauty lies not merely in your physical appearance, but also in your achievements, your attitude, your skills and talents.

Always Look At The Bright Side

Instead of focusing on the areas in your life where you fall short, boost your self-esteem by focusing on the bright side of everything.

Get Busy

Keeping yourself busy helps to add meaning to your life, thereby boosting your self-esteem. This slows down the aging process as you are left with very little time to focus on your imperfections.

Besides this, you must ensure that you steer clear of depression and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Keep your self-esteem boosted and enjoy a long, healthy and fulfilling life. 

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