Relationships Going in the Wrong Direction

Life is a strange thing and understanding it is very difficult. When we think that everything is moving smoothly, there may be road-blocks and when we expect troubles, things may move without any issues. The same rule applies to relationships as well. Things may be smooth in relationships but even trivial issues may cause major misunderstandings.

Relationships are of many types. We may have friends, co-workers, peers, superiors and those who are working for us and we have to maintain a good relationship with them. We have to have a cordial and smooth relationship with our spouses and other family members so as to have domestic peace. The fact is our mental peace is mainly dependent upon the nature of our relationships with everyone who crosses our life.

Independence in its unique form

As far as domestic relationships are concerned, there should be freedom. But freedom for the members of the family should be in its unique form. Though every member should be allowed to ventilate their feelings, the focus should be the smooth sailing of the family boat. Selfishness should take a back seat and only then, the overall happiness of the family will remain sustainable. Every member of the family should be ready to do small sacrifices if they want to have domestic peace. That is the reason the freedom given to family members is termed as “unique.” If this point is ignored, relationships are likely to go in the wrong direction.

Relationships in the workplace

On the other hand, relationships at the workplace are vastly different from what they should be in families. If you are an employee, you may have ambitions in your career and there is nothing wrong to have such career growth ambitions, though there is a selfish tinge in such ambitions. But at the same time, you should keep the welfare and growth of the organization also in mind. Your ambition should work in synergy with the growth targets of the company. If your ambitions do not work in tandem with the growth targets of the company, you are going to ruin your career as well as that of the organization. This means that the relationships you maintain in your workplace should be in sync with your ambitions and also the growth targets of the company.

How relationships in the workplace differ from one country to another

If you look at the relationships in the workplaces in countries like China and some of the other communist countries, they may be completely different from those that prevail in democratic countries like the US. In communist countries, employees may be conscious of the fact that they are being watched. But, in countries like US, employees will enjoy more freedom. Though their performance will be monitored or assessed also, they may not find the ambiance oppressive. So, employees in countries like US may be able to have lasting and strong relationships among themselves.

How to prevent relationships from going in wrong direction

The main point that may contribute to maintaining smooth relationships and in preventing them from going in the wrong direction is that you should stop making a fuss over trivial issues.

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