Problems that Most Teenagers Face Apart from Self-esteem Issues

Teenage is undoubtedly one of the most perplexing phases of life. Teenage marks the start of experiencing new things in life. It brings certain joys and fears at the same time. There is a sense of freedom and responsibility for the first time. A whole new world opens up to teenagers. They are driven by the excitement of exploring everything new around them.

But it is also a very crucial age as one single mistake can spoil the whole life of teenagers. Most teenagers are usually unaware of the consequences of the new choices that they make. This leaves them at the high risk of getting into habits that may have a very bad effect on their life and people around them.

Commonly faced problems by teenagers

Teenagers go through a lot of physical changes. Some teenagers may be skinny while some may feel they are too fat. These constant changes leave them confused. Teenagers also give a lot of importance to their appearance. Even a tiny pimple can get them worried. Most teenagers stay unhappy with their appearance and this affects their self-esteem. Apart from this they may also feel low if they do not have enough friends, do not score well in their exams or are not popular enough. Other commonly faced teenage problems are discussed below.


Depression is among the worst problems faced by teenagers. Teen depression is extremely grave and can have a negative impact even on the future of the teenagers. Most of the problems that teenagers face are inter-connected. Depression usually arises due to low self-esteem. Teenagers who are under depression tend to isolate themselves, stay gloomy or frustrated most of the times, eat too little or too much and so on. It is very important for the parents to notice these symptoms and get professional help for their troubled teens.

Alcohol and drugs

Another serious problem that many teenagers are facing these days is their indulgence in alcohol and drugs. The body and mind of teenagers is not prepared to take in such intoxicating and harmful substances. What starts as fun leads into addiction when teenagers cannot get themselves out of this serious problem. Teenagers need to be educated about the deadly consequences of drugs, alcohol and smoking to help them make the right choice in life.


Another grave problem faced by many teenagers all over the world is bullying. It instills a sense of fear in teenagers and attacks their very self-esteem. They feel very weak and start doubting their potential. Teenagers mostly get bullied for their social status and appearance. Teenagers that face bullying can develop mental problems and even commit suicide in extreme cases.

Cyber addiction

Internet opens the window to endless information and education for teens which they can use to shape their future. But most teenagers use it for interacting with others on social networking sites and playing game. All these are completely fine as long as done in limits. When teenagers get addicted to the cyber space, they start forgetting their real life. They enjoy their virtual life more and focus all their energy there itself. This can lead to many physical and mental problems. Cyber bullying also lowers their self-esteem.

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