Problems Faced By Teenagers Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome

Though a number of studies have been taking place about Asperger’s Syndrome, it cannot be said that the process of diagnosis is without difficulties. Further, parents are not aware of the implications of this problem in their teens. So, parents should realize their responsibility and try to know as much as possible about this problem.

Problems faced by asperger’s syndrome-affected teens

Continuing needs

Parents will be shocked to see that their teens expect substantial help from them even after attaining their school-leaving age. They may have been thinking that their teens may have grown up and may start thinking independently. But, when they see that they need their help for many of their activities, they may start worrying.

Effects of severe impairment

Children who have been severely impaired by the problem may themselves not be aware that they are not like their peers. Only if the parents are caring, supportive and understanding, they may be able to thrive.

Problems compounded by professionals’ difficulties with diagnosis

Even experienced professionals face difficulties in diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome because certain symptoms of this problem overlap with those of Attention Deficit Disorder. When the right diagnosis is not made, treatment may also go wrong.

Emotional sufferings

Emotional sufferings of these young people are quite high because the increase in their self-awareness that may lead to distress happens only during their teenage when their communicative ability improves also.

Vulnerability to exploitation

Teens having the problem of Asperger’s syndrome are vulnerable to exploitation by others. They can easily be influenced also.

Related medical disorders

Teens with Asperger’s Syndrome may be affected by medical disorders like epilepsy and brain disorders such as hydrocephalus, neurofibromatosis and tuberous sclerosis. There may be congenital disorders like visual acuity, deafness, etc. and disorders like myopathy and myotonia that may affect their motor control.

Asperger’s syndrome and psychiatric disorders

It has been established that the problem of Asperger’s syndrome may have link or association with psychiatric disorders.

Association with other developmental disorders

There are chances of association of Aspergers with a few developmental disorders like Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity Disorder, Dysexecutive Syndrome, Tourette syndrome, Dyscalculia, Developmental dyspraxia. There may be association with certain unusual disorders like elective mutism or elective dysgraphia. Teens affected by Elective Dysgraphia may not be able to write. All these disorders may affect the studies of these teens and so, their future itself may become a big question mark.

How doctors should treat this problem

Doctors should obtain the teens’s cognitive profiles. This will help them to intimate to the affected teen about the possibility of their future career or occupation. Parents will find this information useful because they have to plan the treatment process for their teens accordingly. If teens themselves become aware of their own problems, they may come forward and cooperate during the treatment.

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