Preparing for a Couples Counseling

Couples counseling typically involves couples who wish to seek the help of a qualified therapist. In relationships, problems are likely to occur and sometimes may lead to serious consequences knowingly or unknowingly at a certain point of time. The possible outcome of problems between couples can be that they may either choose to part ways or address issues between them to save their relationship.

Couples counseling comes into picture when couples opt to save their relationship in a rational way. Seeking the help of a professional therapist is good however it is better for couples to be clear about their expectations from the counseling sessions. After all a little preparation beforehand helps in reaping the best out of time, money and efforts invested.

What to expect from a therapist

Seeking a therapist does not mean that the problems are solved. A therapist is the one who sees a situation with a cognitive point of view, gives analysis on the observation he makes and suggests suitable ways of dealing with it. He can only show the way but cannot be accountable for mending a relationship as it is the exclusive space between two individuals. Choosing the options that work rightly in a relationship and going by them is at the complete discretion of the couple.

Throwing light on each other’s roles in problems

Problems happen because each individual in a relationship would have contributed towards it in one or the other way. A mature approach in addressing a problem would be where individuals identify their parts in the problem and own them up. Passing bucks on one another for the occurrence of problems only aggravates the situation. By being responsible one can become receptive for change when necessary. In couples counseling the therapist can help an individual to see through problems in different approaches other than his or her own.

Determining the worth of relationship

A couple must be clear about what priority a relationship occupies in their life before seeking professional help. When partners are ready to put efforts to bring in positive results that make a relationship work, it means that they matter to each other to a big extent. Partners with feelings of resentment or contempt at a high level and who are unwilling to give in can hardly cause any change to make a relationship work. Going to a therapist does not mean one has to gear up to adopt changes at the instant, although it may be likely to occur in the one or the other counseling sessions.

Couples counseling sessions provide a ground to discuss issues and come out with probable solutions that can make a relationship work. A single session alone may not be enough to sort things out and hence it is essential for a couple to be open to explore more chances of mending their relationship through successive sessions. Seeing a therapist with a positive frame of mind and the willingness to change to make a relationship work only can bring in fruitful results.

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