Parents Role in Treating Teen Depression

Experts classify depression into three types. Parents whose children have been affected by teen depression should know about these three types. The first type is Situational Depression and this is generally triggered when certain specific events occur. For example, if there is a break-up between the teen and his or her friend, there may be a problem. In the second type, the cause is genetic which means that the problem runs in the families of the affected teens. Suicides are common in this type.

The third type is known as Developmental Depression because this may affect people when they feel that they have failed to achieve the developmental milestones they have set. This includes social milestones also. To quote an example, a teen who does not have a cell phone while all other children have one with them, the teen may develop depression.

Teen depression and parents’ role

Monitor your kids

Experts advise that parents should keep a watch on their children. They should communicate regularly with them. Teenage is a phase when children want to have their own identities that are not linked with their families. When these ideas come up, they may try to cut off their ties with their families. But parents will be committing a grave blunder if they do not make efforts how their teens feel. Parents should therefore ask their teens if they need any help.

Understanding the symptoms of teen depression

Only if parents know the symptoms of teen depression, they will be able to identify the problem. The main symptom is that teens may not like to involve themselves in the normal teenage activities like sports, chit-chatting with friends, hobbies, etc. In fact, they might have been enjoying these activities earlier. But they may suddenly lose interest in all these things.

Significant changes in body weight

Teens who have been affected by depression may not be able to sleep properly though some children may over-sleep. When there is lack of sleep, they may become weak and may lose weight. There may be hormonal imbalances and problems like indigestion in some children. If parents notice such a drastic reduction in the weight of their children, they can understand that there may be teen depression problem.


Children affected by teen depression may look tired due to fatigue. They may not have the usual energy and so, they may be lethargic. If parents observe that such things persist for a longer duration, they should not take these symptoms lightly.

Feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness

Children may not have their normal self-esteem if they are affected by depression. They may feel worthless and since they are not able to concentrate on their studies, they may feel hopeless of their performance.

Seek professional help

Parents should not delay seeking professional help. They should look for a competent doctor and try to get the doctor’s suggestions. They should ensure that the doctor evaluates the affected teen and begin the treatment process immediately.

Parents need not lose heart because teen depression is treatable. Instead of worrying about the problem they should encourage their children and keep motivating them. The doctor may adopt various ways and recommend processes like psychotherapy, exercises, cognitive-behavioral-therapy, group therapy and so on. But parents’ support will work wonders for treating teens with depression problem.

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