Negative Effects of Low Self-esteem

Generally, people with low self-esteem do not realize its effects on their lives as they begin to think that they are used to live a life that is full of frustrations and fear. These people also think that fulfilled and happier life is almost not possible. The fact is that low self-respect affects almost every aspect of the lives of people with this problem, right from the way in which they think about themselves to the way they react to life situations.

Negative influences and thoughts:

When negative influences and thoughts are dominating us, irrespective of whether they gathered from within ourselves or through the words of others, they will have an adverse effect on the way we begin to feel about ourselves. It will also have an adverse effect on the experience we face in our lives. Over time can lead to low self-esteem, which in turn will reduce the quality of the life of an individual in many different ways. If it is unchecked, it may lead to mental issues like depression and anxiety and can bring about some tragic results too.

Causes of low self-respect:

Even though, different reasons can be pointed out for this, Dr. Lars Madsen, a clinical psychologist has stated that in most of the cases, dysfunctional or abusive early years, might be the main reason behind it, which will affect even when the person reaches the adulthood stage. It can also be attributed to recurring stressful events in life. As most of us are aware, our life is full of triumphs and challenges and ups and downs. Nowadays, many stressful situations in our lives, cause a doubt whether we will be able to complete a particular task. When this doubt arises, we begin to tell for ourselves mantras like ‘I cannot do this’, ‘I will never get out of the problem’ and when these thoughts creep into our minds, it will become highly difficult to dismiss them.

What if self-esteem goes wrong?

A Psychiatrist Dr. Kevin Solomons, has stated that our self-worth can make us healthy, adaptive to life decisions and constructive too. But, it can sometimes go wrong as well. When this happens, there are chances that people can come to self-destructive decisions like harming themselves, tolerating ill treatment or even some might harm others like cheating and bullying.

Negative life events:

We begin to doubt ourselves, when some negative events occur in our lives. Most of us will face some situations in our lives, when things do not go as per our expectations. During these times, we will feel lonely and begin to look for resources that can help us to get out of our worry. In such circumstances, most of us place too much faith on negativity that is present around us.

To conclude, experts say that it is not the external circumstances, but it is our own point of view on the events that affect our self-esteem to a great extent. In short, it is the inner belief we have in ourselves. When we have positive self-belief, even though, we cannot correct the past events, we can change our thoughts towards them and can lead a peaceful life. 

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