Movies Highlighting the Subject of Low Self-esteem

Social constructs depicted in movies have been appealing to varying sensibilities, since the dawn of cinema. Somehow or the other we all end up relating to characters in films. Be it the funny character in there for comedy relief, or the drama queen, or the cool hero who ends up saving the day. 

No matter how unrealistic or realistically you see yourself projected in many ways, you might even relate to the story or sequence of events depicted. Often time scenarios shown in films hit close to home and pull at an invisible nerve within. Much like life, most movies depict a silver lining at the end of things.

Identify your way out of low self-esteem

It’s important to learn from protagonists we identify with in movies. A majority of times movies predict people with low self-esteem. There is much to learn from a film that moves your soul. Look to the brighter things in life, learn lessons from mistakes made and move on. Deal with your troubles and make your way forward, much like determined characters in several films; the idea is not to lose hope and to tarry forward.

Movies that deal with ‘real’ characters, where the lead actor is usually low on self-esteem also center on generic theme of individual. Here are a few portraits of the anti-hero or real life portrayal of someone who’s hit rock bottom.

The loser

A common anti-hero, the character of the loser is one who typically cannot relate to others in social groups and does really badly romantically. Doomed never to be invited to cool parties, the loser, always works his way into the crowd by being themselves, and by winning the day with a unique talent or skill. Wreck-It Ralph is one such example.

The manipulative bully

Another common character in movies, the manipulative bully is never a favorite persona. Usually witty and smart, if not wicked and physically strong, this type of character feeds on victims by chipping away at their self-esteem. Critical, not to mention dictatorial, this unsatisfied character carries a deep seated need to force perfection from others, unheeding to own flaws. The Great Santini typifies this type of personality in the character of Bull Meecham

The self-depreciating worthless teenager

Easily swayed by all things commercial, this type of character seeks acceptance and reward from the outside world, instead of looking within. A critical type, nothing can satisfy the deformed self-image formed by their want to be beautiful, and popular. As seen in the character of Jane Burnham in American Beauty.

The wimpy victim

A classic caricature of a victimized personality, the stereotypical wimp is always afraid and second guessing, not only self but also others constantly. In an attempt to overcome fear, several personalities who play the martyr finally find their feet by performing daring and brave feats that gain them respect and acclaim of others, as well as renewed self-esteem. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, is one such classical depiction.

However close movies might hit home in regard to identifying with negative traits in our own characters, bear in mind that you can always decide the right time to change it around to be positively charming darling.

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