Movie-time Together for Healthy Marriages

During the initial period after marriage, couples may like to spend more time with each other. But as months or years pass by, the time they spend with each other may get reduced. This approach is wrong. They can have and maintain healthy marriages if they try to find ways to spend sufficient quality time with each other.

Analyze this suggestion with the heart

Experts suggest that couples can go on a picnic during weekends, they can go to a movie together and so on. This suggestion should be approached and analyzed with the heart and not with the mind because this is more of an emotional approach rather than based on any conclusions or findings. The fact is that if couples are together for longer hours, they are bound to develop more affinity and their love and affection will get strengthened.

The time spent should be quality time

But just remaining together is not enough. There should be ‘togetherness’ in their minds. A wife doing her household chores and a husband watching the television, browsing the Internet or reading the newspaper may not do any good. The husband should share the chores and should be sharing and communicating his love and affection directly and indirectly or the wife should sit with the husband viewing the television programs and expressing her love for him. Even physical touches will help to a great extent for strengthening the bond between couples and ensuring to maintain healthy marriages.

Mind-body technique

Experts who view this approach with an open mind do agree that this may do a lot of good to the relationship because the couples are spending quality time together. They become real and intimate friends. These experts call this as “mind-body technique” because when they are spending quality time with each other conversing or touching each other, their minds get convinced that they love one another. This means that they “tell” their minds and gradually convince their minds that their love for the other partner is quite strong. It is with the help of their physical behavior, they are able to achieve this. This is a concrete approach for maintaining healthy marriages.

Keeping the thoughts happy and healthy

The purpose of advising couples to have movie-time together is to cultivate their minds in such a manner that they refrain from criticizing one another. No one can assume that he or she is perfect. Everyone commits mistakes. But if we start finding fault with one another for the mistakes we commit, life will become hellish. If we learn to divert our minds to the good things the person has done, we will not criticize the person. This is what can be achieved by this suggestion.

The minds of couples who go to a movie will get diverted because they will be in a completely different ambiance where scope of finding fault is less. If they learn to divert their minds like this, they can even stop criticizing each other completely.

Another reason is when the husband shows his love to his wife and the wife also reciprocates it, the bonding between them will gradually become strong.

To summarize, spending movie-time together is a very good attempt for strengthening the bonding between couples and helping them have healthy marriages.

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