Link Between Teen Depression and Caffeine

There is good news for teens who have the habit of drinking lots of coffee. The news is that caffeine in coffee may lower the risk of teen depression in these young people. These young people may also feel that their spirits are lifted when they have their coffee. Even if a teen drinks as less as two cups a day, he or she can derive immense benefits from this habit. Such a link with depression has not been found in decaffeinated coffee or in many other liquids they may drink.

But, there are experts who do not subscribe fully to these research findings. These experts warn people not to fully believe these findings. They also warn them not to take to the habit of drinking more coffee believing that they could be cured of their depression. These experts opined that these researches should be reviewed once again in order to be certain if there are links between teen depression and caffeine.

Caffeine and risk of teen depression

Though these experts continued their research and found that there might possibly be a link between intake of a good amount of coffee and teen depression, they could not come to a firm conclusion. But, they do not deny the fact that caffeine is capable of activating the neurotransmitters of the brain. Especially, neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, etc. have links with mood, happiness or depression of people and when they get activated due to the entry of caffeine into their brains, teens find that their spirits get elevated.

Long-term effects of caffeine are yet to be studied

But, these seem to be only short-term effects. This means the long-term effects of caffeine are still not known. But, during the course of their researches, these experts have found out that coffee is capable of reducing the risks of ailments like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, etc.

Coincidence in findings

But, the recent findings of these researchers coincided with what earlier studies could find. One such finding is that chances of suicidal thoughts arising in the minds of teens who take coffee frequently are less. Similarly, the finding that these young people are less likely to be affected by teen depression is also common in the earlier research as well as in the recent one.

But, these researchers are cautious while announcing their findings because according to them, their studies are based only on observations and so, there may be many limitations in their findings. So, they want to proceed with their research so that they can establish the link between teen depression and caffeine.

Treatment should go on

So, teens who have been affected by depression should not depend upon these findings as of now and should seek medical help for treating their problem. But, if the researches that are being done prove that coffee consumption may ensure mental health in these people, that may be a big break-through in the treatment process of tackling depression in everyone including in teens.

In short, the link between teen depression and caffeine is yet to be fully established though preliminary researches reveal that there may be positive effects if an affected person develops the habit of drinking coffee.

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