Know Women Better By Understanding Their Psychology

Not many people may be knowing that unlike men who can freely express themselves, women genetically have limited capabilities for expressing themselves. So, they depend more upon their body language and the tone of their voice for communicating many of the points they do not speak. If you want to understand the psychology of women and their unspoken words, you must know some simple rules.

Watch Closely The Body Language Of The Woman You Want To Understand

If you observe that the woman is indulging in some other activities when you speak, you must understand that her mind is absorbed in something else and not in what you are uttering. For example, she may be tugging on something or may appear to be preoccupied with something else. You must immediately ask her what she is thinking about or if there is anything more important. She may certainly appreciate that you are taking interest in her. She may also appreciate that you have noticed that she is not interested in what you are talking.

Learn To Understand The Undertones

If your woman appreciates something you suggest, you should see whether there is a disappointed lilt in her words. Therefore, you must not take her appreciative utterances on their face value. This means that she expects you to come out with better suggestions or ideas. You can make out if she really likes the new idea because her tone will change if she thinks that the idea is good.

Her Eyes Will Help You Know Her Better

Experts in women psychology suggest that you should look directly in your woman’s eyes. If she is hiding something or not truthful, she may avoid looking at you directly and may try to look away. You can then pry and try to know the truth.

Over-Analyzing May Land You In Trouble

Psychology experts caution that you must not commit the mistake of over-analyzing the actions of your woman. If you accuse her over flimsy things that do not have a proper basis or cause, that may turn out to be a costly mistake. For example, if your woman does not answer any of your questions, it means that she is thinking about something else and it does not mean that she is trying to cheat you.

Women May Be Wildly Emotional During Their Menstrual Periods

You must understand that during their menstrual periods, women may behave differently because they may be affected by wild emotions. You should blame the mess created by their hormones or the pain they may be experiencing for their behavior. So, you cannot find fault with her if your woman refuses to come with you for your mountain biking adventure or some other activity.

Do Not Analyze The Eating Habits Of Your Woman

To understand her psychology, you must not analyze or point out the quantity of food your woman eats. Even if she does not eat the required quantity, you must not try to bring that up when you are with her. Unless you think that her over-eating and under-eating may lead to a health problem, it should not become your talking point at all because in general, any woman may get frustrated if her eating habits are analyzed.

Sometimes, You Must Allow Her To Be On Her Own

You must sometimes allow her to do the things she likes. You must not keep dictating what she should be doing. Similarly, you must not always stick around her. If you allow her to spend her time the way she likes, she will appreciate the gesture.

These rules are completely based on women psychology. If you follow them, you can understand your woman better and have a great relationship with her.

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