Joys and Challenges of Parenting

Parenting can be sheer joy if the whole task is approached with the right perspective. In fact, parenting may not only give happiness, but pride to parents as well. But as a parent, you may find certain moments so unforgettable that you will always remember them with nostalgia.

Joys of parenting

The first few nights after the birth of your child

There may be a number of visitors to see you and your new-born. Not only that, visits of the doctors, nurses and other medical routines may be tiresome also. But you will not mind these things because the sheer joy or the sheer presence of your new-born will give you an ecstatic feeling. In fact, you will be longing to spend time with your young one without being disturbed by distractions. You may get such an opportunity during nights and those moments will be unforgettable and magnificent. You may not like to sleep and waste the time. Instead, you may wish to keep gazing at the sleeping baby. These are the most beautiful moments of your life.

The first moment of your child’s communication with you

One or two months after the birth of your child, the child starts communicating with you. He or she may not be “talking” to you but may be communicating to you through various other means like smiling, cooing. The amazing thing about this is that you may be able to understand or make out what the child communicates to you. The first time the child communicates to you may bring to you immense joy.

Learning of new skills

The child will slowly start discovering the world. Everything is new to him or her. Of course, parenting involves teaching the child to “discover” the world or learn new skills. This means that when your child learns new skills, you will feel inexplicable joy. You will not hesitate to celebrate these successes or boast about them with others. Of course, when your child grows up and tries to be independent, your reaction may be bitter-sweet but small successes when your child is quite small may certainly be sheer joy.

Challenges of parenting

As you experience the joy of parenting, you must realize that it involves challenges also. But the challenges associated with it cannot be surmounted by a rule-book of do’s and don’ts. It may be a continuous learning experience for parents. The following points may be useful for surmounting such challenges.

Parents should never hesitate to admit mistakes

Experts on parenting lay a lot of emphasis on this point. As a parent, you must never hesitate to admit your mistakes. This will not only discipline your child but may inspire him or her to imbibe this great quality. This quality will instill humility, braveness and character in children.

Teach the importance of character

You should make sure that your child learns that character is more important than money, skills, position and other mundane things. You should spend sufficient time with your child but you should use most of this time for teaching him or her the importance of character. Experts on parenting firmly opine that instead of imposing rules, you should educate the child by showing love and by developing a good relationship with him or her.

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