Ignorance on FB Can Affect Self-esteem: Study

Social media sites have fast become interactive platforms for people across the planet. Numerous folk thoroughly enjoy the idea of interacting online, sharing thoughts, opinion, and happy times. 

According to a recent study conducted by psychologists at the University of Queensland, Australia; several Facebook users are subject to feelings of low self-esteem and severe rejection when ignored by their friends.

A research study paper titled “Threats to belonging on Facebook: lurking and ostracism” concluded that the absence of likes on an individual’s Facebook page comments and posts, can lead to depreciative personal value and worth. Thus harming vital self-esteem, and hampering the feeling of belonging social media sites usually deliver.

The importance of being liked

Social media sites like Facebook and twitter have become increasingly popular in social circles. What goes on Facebook is a reflection of how people feel about themselves in society today.

The more likes and friends on a social media site like Facebook, directly corresponds to the person’s confidence, popularity, and self-esteem levels. Being liked and followed on media sites reaffirm people’s beliefs in their personal ideologies, and perspectives. Thus reinforcing a sense of self, thorough acknowledgement of others in

No or low conversation on Facebook affects esteem

During their study, researchers studied groups of people who were segregated into active and frequent participants and sharers, and passive or reticent Facebook users. Observations made by the study showed that people, who were asked to stay away from posting comments on Facebook, while their friends remained active, showed lower levels of happiness and personal ease.

Facebook can make you feel invisible

A majority of people who do not receive responses to posts put up on Facebook on a regular basis, tend to feel invisible and in turn suffer from deteriorating self-esteem. Researchers have deduced the lack of social communication between mates on networking portals directly correlates, and adds to individual insecurities of not being accepted.

Communication gaps on Facebook generate lack of self-importance

After being subjected to study trials, a certain number of individuals were asked to use Facebook under anonymous accounts. However, they were not informed that their activities would not be responded to on purpose.

A few days later, most people involved in the experiment showed negative reactions to the test. Some even said that they had felt less important, and left the exercise with lowered self-esteem than before.

Using Facebook can lead to low self-esteem

Lack of interaction on Facebook makes people who have posted comments and views feel left out. Being ignored on social platforms has proven seriously adverse effects of self-esteem lead to a decline in personal and emotional comfort and ease.

Contrary to the theme that Facebook is meant to bring people among social groups together, several studies and researches have recently learned the adverse effects of not being accepted within the social media group construct.

In this case scenario research has proven that projected indifference in social media circles breeds apathy and eventual listlessness in character, a definite negative to building self-esteem in individuals.


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