How to Fix Common Parenting Mistakes

Parenting mistakes are common as parents after all, human, and prone to make mistakes. It is but natural for parents to raise their children with a sense of authority, however in the process, end up making mistakes many a times. Children watch parents for their words, actions, and beliefs diligently. To instill the right behavior, values, actions, and beliefs in children while holding on to virtues, is a major challenge in parenting. Below are a few mistakes that we may all commit as parents.

Differing in words and actions

Actions speak louder than words. Remember what you have said, and act in accordance to that. When you tell your child staying up late in the night is not good, and on the contrary you stay up to watch a late night movie, it makes no sense. The whole purpose of the ethic is lost. Demonstrate habits and behavior through actions.

Giving in when not necessary

Parents often expect their children to tag along and, at times, even try to persuade them with things in exchange for the latter’s blind assent. This can lead children to become demanding and self-centered. They start anticipating rewards in return for things which they think are favors and act with dishevel or throw tantrums in the event of non-fulfillment of their demands. Enable children to make their choices and stand by them. Stop exercising over-assuming influences.

Bribing with food

Food is the area where every parent wants his or her child to finish all that is served on the platter. In the process, the parent does not even mind bribing the child with an ice-cream or a candy. This may be as simple as it seems, however, a bad feature in the long run. Bribing children with food can make them inclined to eat unnecessarily. For instance, they eat spinach on the table just because they are promised an ice-cream, even though they do not need it. Instead, see to that children have healthy food most of the time with occasional binges of sweets or sugar.

False praise

Fawning children with praise just because they are the apple of the eye is a major mistake most parents commit. This way children tend to believe that, whatever they do is right and fail to identify their mistakes or areas of improvement. By this parents become their children’s own enemies. Instead, they can encourage the child to do better and give constructive feedback highlighting the points that are to be maintained and the ones that need to be worked upon.

Excess Criticism

Parents tend to crib, complain, and call their children names in a fit of temper. Such behavior by parents in a sense of authority is taken negatively by children who in turn feel let down. Children, on account of becoming objects of mockery, may also see their parents as bicker-bags. In the event of an outburst, own up the action with courage, apologize and talk to your child. Bring the focus of your conversation to the issue which is causing trouble. Explain to your child the good and bad of the particular trait he displays.

Parenting mistakes are unavoidable, yet corrigible. By having restraint over emotions while dealing with children, a parent remains in a safe position to rectify a mistake in case it happens. A parent, who keeps cool, takes stock of the situation, and acts wisely, can establish him or herself as a good role-model in the eyes of children.

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