How Self-help Book ‘The Secret’ Can Help You

Though there are a number of self-help books, “The Secret” that was written by Rhonda Byrne, ranks among the most sought-after books. The book deals with the Law-of-Attraction and according to this book, people can change their lives by modifying their thought pattern. The concept discussed in the book is that if people think positively, they can achieve increased wealth, happiness stay healthy in their lives. Sale of this book throughout the world has already exceeded 19 million copies. Apart from that, the book has also been translated in as many as 46 languages. 

The Movie

Before the book, a film of the same name was also released during March 2006. The concept talked about in the film is that the Law-of-Attraction governs the whole universe. This law attracts or brings into people’s lives situations, events, experiences and people that match the vibrations or the frequency of their thoughts or feelings. The film goes on to describe that positive thinking and positive feelings can bring about life-changing results like increase in wealth, happiness and health.

The Law-of-Attraction As Explained In The Book

According to this book, it is the Law-of-Attraction that governs the universe and the personal lives of people and the process involved is described as “like-attracts-like”. This means that when we have a particular thought or feeling, a frequency corresponding to the thought or feeling is passed on to the universe. This will then attract the events or circumstances of the same frequency and these events or circumstances will be handed out to us.

To quote an example, if we have angry thoughts or frustrated feelings, we will be attracting events or circumstances that will increase our anger or frustration. The converse is also true according to this law which means that when we have positive feelings or thoughts, we will attract and experience positive circumstances or events. So, this principle can be applied for attracting wealth, health and happiness in our life for which we should simply change our thought process and our feelings. Some of the experts who strongly advocate the principles contained in the book “The Secret” have no hesitation in claiming that patients suffering even from the dreadful disease of cancer can cure themselves by applying these principles.

Synopsis Of The Book

The mechanisms of the Law-of-Attraction are explained in the beginning of this self-help book after which, the historical applications and how great people harnessed the power of the principles of the law are described in detail. In short, the book explains at length how one’s thoughts have the magnetic power like a transmission tower. This power sends out signals or frequency into the universe and gets back the same frequency in the physical form or in the elemental form.

Three-Step Process Explained By The Book

The book also comes out with a three-step process using which people can manifest their dreams. The three-step process involves visualizing, believing and receiving. A number of self help gurus also agree with the point that if the power of gratitude is also added as a catalyst, it will turbo-charge and accelerate the process of getting whatever we want in our life.

Two Most Powerful Elements Of The Law-Of-Attraction

The self-help book firmly points out that if the power of gratitude is made to work in synergy with visualization, there will be a manifold increase in the process of helping people manifest their desires. Gratitude and belief can lift the frequency of the thoughts of people much higher and visualization can increase the power of the focused mind. So, the universe will hand out the right plans that can make the dreams of these people come true.

To summarize, “The Secret” the self-help book, can help people in being positive and feeling good about themselves.

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