How Exercising Can Help in Dealing with Teen Anxiety

Nowadays, teen anxiety seems to have become a very common problem. Though teens are supposed to lead a care-free life, anxiety may take a toll on their enjoyment. But, only if they lead happy lives, they will be able to become independent-minded adults and can utilize the opportunities that come their way for achieving big feats.

What are teenage problems?

But nowadays, teenage causes a lot of stress to these young people. They have anxiety-causing tests, examinations, school-tasks, deadlines, etc. Some teens may experience budding romance also due to which they may undergo mental stress.

Twin benefits of exercises

Experts have found that exercising can greatly help in reducing teen anxiety. They have researched extensively on this aspect and the results of their researches show that exercises and physical activities induce the brain to release certain mood-enhancing hormones with which these young people can combat their stress and anxiety effectively.

From this, it is quite evident that exercises bestow twin benefits to people. Firstly, exercises and physical activities will help them maintain good health. Secondly, the mood-enhancing hormones that are secreted will help them keep teen anxiety at bay. This may be one of the main reasons for schools allowing teens and young children play during recesses.

Effects of lack of exercise and junk food

Nowadays, teens have become less active, thanks to TV viewing and various online and mobile games. In addition to these factors, they are lured by various types of junk food. They find this food tasty but, they do not realize that such food can be harmful to their health. So, exercising helps these teens not only in dealing with teen anxiety but, in combating the bad effects of these junk foods. Another point researchers have found is that wrong foods can act as an impediment to effective secretion of good hormones in the brain and so, teens may find it difficult to control their anxiety problem if they continue their habit of eating unhealthy foods.

How exercises can help in decision making

Exercises will enhance the ability of teens in making effective decisions and so, they can tackle whatever pressure they may face in their studies and other extra-curricular activities. This increases their confidence level and when confidence over-powers their anxiety, they can lead a care-free life.

Endorphins and mental stress

Not only the brain, the body itself releases various types of hormones known as endorphins when people do their exercises or indulge in physical activities. Endorphins are capable of relieving people of their mental stress and so, there will be no place for teen anxiety in these young people. So, experts consider exercising as a natural way for dealing with anxiety.

How parents can develop exercising habit in children

So, parents who want to help their adolescent children to deal with teen anxiety must inculcate exercising habit in them. They can even help them to plan their exercises regimens also. If they are made to develop this habit, parents can see a remarkable change in their attitude. Teens may not only have an inclination to continue the habit but, may always have a cheerful disposition. But, while trying to inculcate exercising habit in teens, parents should be patient and set achievable targets. They can slowly increase the intensity as well as the duration of these exercises to control teen anxiety.

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