How Anxiety Affects Men

Just because you are under the constant pressure of having a tough image, doesn’t mean you are actually all that tough. In fact the constant pressure of taking every failure and challenge right on your face can lead to anxiety in men. Not many men would want to accept it, but yes, they do face anxiety problems as frequently as women do.

Anxiety is no doubt a serious problem. But this problem gets much graver when it spreads its arms around men. Men have the tendency to keep their problems to themselves unlike women who lay it out easily. This confinement of feelings and hesitation in seeking help aggravates the problem of anxiety in men.

What kind of anxiety do men deal with?

Though most of the men are aware about their anxiety disorders, not many know how exactly it impacts them. The problem in most cases is that, men usually refuse to confess to themselves that they suffer from anxiety. Men are equally prone to every kind of anxiety as women. Some of the most commonly seen anxiety issues in men include the following:

  • Panic disorder
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Phobias and
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Common anxiety mistakes

There a few commonly committed anxiety mistakes which men are very prone to. Some of them are:

  • Fighting it

Toughening up doesn’t mean that the anxiety will go away on its own. This is where most men go wrong. Instead of treating the problem they act as if there is no problem at all. Fighting your anxiety can instead create more problems for you in the form of stress and negativity.

  • Pride

Men have the tendency of giving a lot of importance to their pride. Of course it is good to boost your self-esteem, but then you also need to keep it real. Unrealistic expectations are not going to help you in anyway. In fact this can only result in more anxiety.

How can men overcome their anxiety?

The first step of overcoming anxiety is to accept the fact that you suffer from it. Once you do this, it is easy to address the problem. Of course, anxiety won’t go away on its own. It may affect your self-esteem too. But you can overcome this problem with some steps.

  • Exercising

Regular excise will help you in relaxing your mind as well as your body. Relaxing your body with exercise will have a positive effect on your brain. This in turn will help you in improving your mood, burning your stress as well as improving your confidence.

  • Talk it out

If you are dealing with anxiety, it is very important to have at least a few people that you can trust and open up to. Shutting down on the world will not help you in any manner. You need to talk to your trusted people about your problems. This will provide you some relaxation.

  • Keep yourself busy

Another way of dealing with anxiety is to keep yourself busy. Indulge in activities that you enjoy doing. Learn something new. Meet new people. The key is to keep yourself involved in something or the other so that you do not get the time to think about matters that stress you out.

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