Helping your Teenager Deal with High Anxiety Levels

Teen anxiety has become a major problem nowadays. The anxiety levels of teenagers may differ from one person to another. You may find that some teenagers worry much more than their peers. Another point is that a certain event that excites one teenager may cause anxiety in another. This shows that the factors that contribute to anxiety in teens vary widely. So, it is wrong to assume that if one is able to undertake a particular task, other teens can also do it. At the same time, it cannot be denied that peer pressure affects teens to a great extent. 

Anxiety may help in certain kinds of situations. To quote an example, if a teenager is worried about a test, it may motivate him or her to prepare well for the test. In certain other situations, anxiety can cause harm. It may rob the focus and so, the affected teens may not be able to concentrate on the tasks on hand. As a parent, you can help your teenager deal with his or her anxiety levels.

Acceptance of the Presence of Stressful Situations Is the First Step 

It is a good thing that many teenagers find out their own ways to manage their anxiety levels. They learn to recognize the situations that cause stress and anxiety in them and take appropriate steps to tackle those situations. This shows that admitting that certain situations may cause anxiety is the first step to find out the right ways for tackling them. Most of these factors or situations can be solved with simple steps, but if parents find that their teenager is not successful in his or her attempts, they should assist them to get professional help.

Levels of Anxiety

Parents should find out the levels of anxiety of their teenagers. If they think that their anxiety has exceeded normal levels, they should intervene and get them the right kind of help. There are a few symptoms for identifying excess teen anxiety. If a teenager is anxious for no specific reason, it is a clear indication that he or she is prone to be affected by bouts of excess anxiety. Similarly, if a teenager worries about trivial and routine activities, it indicates that such a problem exists. Being cautious is a good attribute but, if your teenager is over-cautious and checks and re-checks everything, it is high time you intervene.

Seeking Professional Help

While seeking professional help for your teenager, you should decide if you should consult with a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Sometimes, consulting with the counselors available in the school of your teenager may also help to decide the suitable treatment. But, you can be certain that once appropriate treatment is given, the life of your teenager will phenomenally improve. There may be a remarkable improvement in his or her performance in the studies. Your teenager may develop and maintain excellent relationship with everyone.

The professionals who may be treating your teenager may prescribe some medications to relieve him or her of the problem. Most of these prescription drugs should be taken for about 6 weeks and therefore, you should make sure that your boy or girl strictly adheres to the instructions of the professional who is giving treatment to him or her. Sometimes, there may be a need for a different kind of treatment such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. A lot of research has been taking place on teen anxiety and excellent drugs and treatments are available now. Professionals give appropriate treatments depending upon the severity of the problems of the teenagers.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

This involves finding the thoughts that trigger anxiety. Once they are found, the professional will advise suitable steps to keep the problem at bay. Parents as well as the affected teenagers should cooperate and work with the professional for getting the expected results.


In this therapy, response of the body to stress is measured using electronic equipment that has sensors that can read muscle tension, heart rate, breathing, etc. The professional will then advise suitable steps to control or regulate the responses.

Relaxation Techniques

Meditation, yogic and breathing exercises and Tai Chi can relieve teenagers of their anxiety and stress. But, they should learn these things from experts. As a parent, you should help your teenager to find good experts.

A study on teen anxiety reveals that 13% teenagers have excess anxiety. Parents alone can help these teenagers to surmount their problems. Nowadays, you have very good medicines and techniques that can certainly cure this problem and therefore, as a parent, you should be supportive during the process of bringing normalcy to the life of your teenager.

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