Four Types Of ‘Love’ Relationships

Dr. Carmen Harra, who is a expert in relationships and a clinical psychologist has pointed out that being humans means being highly susceptible to our feelings. With more than two decades years in this field, she has come across many broken hearts and she has pointed out that nothing hurts humans like love. When unexpected tides of emotions arise, humans fail to see the logic behind a particular situation. The disadvantage is that even though, we talk or work for the sake of one person, we do not see the point of view of the other people around that person and so this can lead to relationship break-up too. These general truths should always be kept in mind and we should turn inwards and should weigh the truth of our own love association. How to validate the associations would be the question that would be arising in your mind? 

Categories of love

Categorizing our relationships in the right manner is the decision that each of us must take on the basis of our individual desires and requirements. When talking about love associations, they can be classified into four types. Each of these types can serve a unique and important purpose. Some of us might experience only one of these types in our lives, while some might go through all four kinds and this depends on the curious interaction between the fate and free will. Here are the four types to know such that you can gain awareness about the standing of your true love:


This kind acts as the connection between two phases of evolution. It can endorse change or it can also ease the burden of important life shifts. For instance, an association for a high school girl may mature her to a woman by providing her the opportunity to learn the first lessons in love. When a long-standing relationship after several years of togetherness ends up, it will make the individuals to cope with the divorce until they heal. Even though, transitory associations are almost temporary in nature, it can play a major role in gently pushing an individual to one level of self-transformation to the next.


This is perhaps the mightiest law in the universe and some people think that it is a malicious force that boomerangs the effects of our own activities towards us. But, it is not so, rather it is an accumulation of energy out of each and every action we are doing in our lives irrespective of whether they are good or bad. The Karma also has the character of repeating itself. Couples in this type of relationship should try to break some pattern or cycle of situations that arises. Once the Karma is resolved, the association will however come to an end as its purpose is met. Sometimes, karmic association can be soulful as well.


This type arises, when two people come together on the basis of an arrangement of comfort like emotional or financial stability. Many associations that would have ended several years ago, continue as both partners are used to each other and they find it difficult to part away.


This kind denotes a bonding like a soul mate and it can reach far deeper than emotional or physical level. Even though, this type is rare, once it occurs, it will last to test the time.

It is true that love relationships play a crucial role in our lives. The technique lies in unraveling the poignant knot for revealing the core functions of the association. We should take true steps to detach ourselves from our feelings for accessing the authenticity of our relationships.

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