Emotional Health and Teen Depression

Statistics pertaining to teen depression give us not only an alarming picture about the prevalence of this problem but about another aspect as well. It has been found that more than 60 percent of depressed teens do not have access to the right kind of services or help. This means that these teens do not have any hopes of recovery. Further, they feel isolated also because their emotional health is severely affected. 

It is the depression in these teens and their isolated feelings that make them withdraw from potential sources of support. This triggers a vicious cycle that is completely negative by nature. Some of these teens may not even know that they have this problem. In order to have relief from their negative emotions, they may start embracing bad behavior. So, these young ones should immediately be treated for teen depression. Otherwise, there may be many negative consequences.

Negative Consequences of Untreated Teen Depression

Eating Disorders

Untreated teen depression may cause eating disorders that may include Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia. It has been found that more number of teenage girls are affected by depression than teen boys. During teen years, young people try to explore their sexual identity. Therefore, teenage girls focus on developing a good body image. But, in the case of untreated teen depression, these girls may have inferiority complex and may feel worthless. So, they adopt extreme methods to improve their body image and self-worth. This may quite often lead to eating disorders.

Escaping From Situations

When young people are affected by teen depression and if they are not able to cope up with their negative thoughts, their emotional health gets a beating. These teens will view even minor problems of their everyday life seriously. Therefore, they may want or try to escape the situations.

Problems With Studies

Teens with depression may not be able to do well in their studies. They may have low energy and fatigue. So, they may avoid classes and even if they attend classes, they may not concentrate. They may avoid social participation also. So, their performances in studies and all the related activities will be below par. This means that if teen depression remains untreated, the future of these young people may be a big question mark.


Many teens feel the need to experiment with alcohol or drugs but in the case of depressed teens, the risks of alcohol abuse and drug addiction are quite prominent. They may think that alcohol or drugs give them solace because they can “escape” from real-life situations with their help. Some teens may get addicted to other things like technology, browsing of the Internet and so on.

Violent Behavior

There are some depressed teens who behave violently also. They express their feelings and emotions by lashing out at others violently. Some of them may injure themselves also by cutting or biting.


If the teens have been affected extremely, they may have suicidal thoughts also. According to them, death alone can relieve them of their mental and physical pains.

Treatments for Teen Depression

Parents of depressed teens should seek the help of competent professionals for treating their young children. They can take the children to qualified counselors also who will examine them to find the causes for their problem. They may recommend the right kind of treatments.

Since depression can affect the emotional health of these teens, doctors may prescribe antidepressants for eliminating the imbalances in the brain chemicals. Such treatments should be accompanied by constant counseling also.

Natural Methods For Treating Teen Depression

These children should be taught to get adequate sleep. They should be given healthy foods. They should also be made to realize the importance of doing regular exercises. In fact, regular exercises will trigger the secretion of Serotonin, the happy chemical in the brain.

These teens should be discouraged from drinking and using drugs because these things may worsen their condition. These teens should not be left alone too.

If appropriate and timely treatment is given, teen depression can certainly be cured.

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