Don’t Let Your Relationships Suffer Due To Your Anxiety Issues

Problems with anxiety are common and a record shows that at least one in every six people face this condition at some point in their lives. It is nothing but a feeling of panic or fear. Some people will have this sort of feeling for some specific situations in their life. Like for instance, for some, the exams might be fearful, while for some handling money will be fearful. But, they will become calm once the situation is over. But, in some people, this sort of feeling will bring about an impact on their relationships too. These people should be careful that their anxiety issues should not bring about any problems with their friends or family members.

According to the Anxiety Disorder Association of America, people suffering with this problem will have relationship problems in most of the cases. But, the good news is that once the problem is rightly treated, there was again an improvement in the association. A study was conducted by this association for finding how anxiety issues affected their relationships. The results of the study show that even though, the association with children and workers were affected, those with an effect on the romantic association is more. The participants of the survey have also stated that once they began treatment for the problem, there was an improvement in their relationships, just because of the improvement in the way in which the people are approached. Here are some tips to ease the anxiety, so that healthy association with others can be maintained:

Acknowledge it

Once the feeling gets into your mind, you can easily identify it. Like for instance, you will experience an increase in the heart beat and your thoughts are getting out of your control. Identify it, do not deny it, try to accept it and once you become relaxed start thinking as to why it occurs again and again.

Take a step

Whenever you are feeling anxious, convert your negative feelings into positive action. Try to concentrate on some other thing that can bring about a diversion. Like for instance, you can spend some time with your children. You can also go out of your home for a walk in a garden to relax yourself with external things.

Pamper yourself

You can take a relaxing bath in hot water and this can relieve you of your anxiety issues. Also, you can tune on to your favorite music and can listen to it and calm down yourself without disturbing others.


You can also practice meditation or breathing exercises to protect yourself from problems in your relationships. Whenever you are feeling anxious, select a calm place all alone and meditate for some time and watch your breath going up and down. This will be soothing and will relax you.

To sum up, get out of your constant worry and if you are avoiding some situations just to avoid anxiety issues, try to participate in them. If you have financial worries, consult with your spouse and communication gap is an important thing that breaks many relationships. Do remember this and communicate your problem and share things with your spouse in such a way that your relationships will not get affected because of your anxiety.

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