Differentiating between Holiday Blues and Teen Depression

We face many types of pressure in our lives. Work pressure, pressure due to financial problems, etc. are quite common. Another pressure many of us face is the one that comes with the holiday season. It is true that holiday seasons are meant for enjoyment but if they themselves cause stress and tension, we may get disturbed.

If you are a teen and if you face such a holiday season pressure, you may get confused whether it is holiday blues or signs of teen depression.

The fact is that teen depression is much different from such holiday blues. In depression, the symptoms are very intense and they may continue to persist. They may last longer and may interfere with your routine activities. So, you may face difficulties when you work at your office or even in your relationships with others. Experts point out that depression involves not only the mind but the body also. When the mind is upset, it may affect our thoughts and feelings and our behaviors also. In fact, depression is equated to other physical problems like high BP, diabetes, etc. Like these diseases, depression can be treated also.

Causes Of Teen Depression

Causes of depression and more specifically teen depression have not been found yet. According to experts, a combination of factors contribute to this issue. One of the main factors is the biochemical imbalances that happen in the brain. Other factors are environmental and situational factors. Experts point out that genetics also plays a role in triggering teen depression.

This shows that depression symptoms are emotional as well as physical. Emotional symptoms are lack of concentration, irritability, anger, frustration, worry, guilty feelings, anxiety, low energy, lack of sexual drive, changes in appetite, etc. Physical symptoms are disturbances in sleep, headaches, pain in the back or the neck, stomach discomfort and fluctuations in weight.

Tips To Feel Better

Whether you are facing holiday blues or depression, you can take certain steps to feel better.


Exercising can relieve the stress that is caused by holiday blues or depression. Exercises trigger secretion of certain chemicals in the brain and when Serotonin, one of the hormones, is secreted, it will enhance your mood.

Good Sleep

It is a proven fact that sleep can help in eliminating the issues with the mind. Seven to nine hours of good sleep for adults will help in preventing the neuro-chemical imbalances that may happen in the brain.

Nutritious Foods

You should make it a point to have only nutritious foods. You should shun unhealthy food like processed food and junk food because when free radicals that are present in these foods enter your system, they may harm you both physically and mentally.


There are many supplements available for decreasing the symptoms of teen depression. If you use herbal supplements, they may help you overcome holiday blues as well as depression symptoms. The main benefit of opting for herbal supplements is that they do not have any side effects.

To summarize, you should know how to differentiate between teen depression and holiday blues and take suitable steps for overcoming their ill-effects.

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