Different kinds of anxiety disorders that lead to anxiety issues

Anxiety disorders are of many types. Panic disorder, social-anxiety disorder, certain forms of phobias, etc. are a few well-known types. But, if they are not treated on time, they may lead to anxiety issues.

Though anxiety is quite normal in humans, anxiety disorders may seriously affect the abilities of people and prevent them from leading a normal life. This means that these disorders are mental illnesses that may cripple them with constant worry, fear and stress. A few kinds of anxiety disorders that may lead to anxiety issues are discussed here:

Panic Disorder

Those who have been affected by panic disorder may suddenly have “terror feelings”. They may perspire profusely and feel chest pain, choking and palpitations. There are chances that these people may wrongly conclude that they are having a heart attack.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

These people may have constant fears due to which they keep performing a few rituals and routines. These disturbing fears or thoughts may become obsessions in their minds and so, the rituals and routines they perform are “compulsions” according to them. For example, some people are afraid of possible affliction by infections and germs and so, they keep washing their hands frequently.


This disorder usually occurs after a person faces a traumatic event or a terrifying incident. Incidents like physical and sexual assaults, sudden death of a very close relative, natural disasters, etc. can cause this disorder. This disorder may remain with the person for longer periods during which they may have frightening thoughts and memories about the events or incidents. The person may become emotionally numb also. It leads to serious anxiety issues.

Social-Anxiety Disorder

This disorder is also known as social phobia. A person affected by this disorder may feel overwhelmed by social situations and so, may constantly worry and behave self-consciously even during everyday situations. The reason for this disorder is that these people may nurture a fear of being judged not only by their peers but by everyone. So, they may behave strangely and their embarrassing behavior itself will be ridiculed by others.

Certain Types Of Phobias

People who have been affected by this disorder may have intense and constant fear about certain objects or situations. For example, a few people may constantly have the fear of snakes, a few others may be afraid of climbing heights and there may be certain other people who may be afraid of flying. It is the inappropriate fear-level of these people that differentiates them from other normal people. So, they may try to avoid even normal everyday situations.

Generalized Anxiety-Disorder

In this form of disorder, the affected people may have excessive and unrealistic levels of anxiety and tension but, there may be no concrete basis or reason for their worry and tension.

If these anxiety disorders are not treated on time, they may lead to anxiety issues. So, these people may have many physical health issues like insomnia, breathing problems, palpitations, dry mouth, numbness in limbs, nausea, dizziness, muscle tension and so on.

Researchers have concluded that chemical imbalances in the human body may trigger these anxiety disorders. Apart from prescribing suitable drugs like anti-depressants, doctors use psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation therapy etc. for treating people with anxiety issues. They advise a few changes in their diets and lifestyles also.

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