Dangers and Risks of Teen Depression

That the number of children who are being affected by the problem of teen depression has been increasing is an undeniable fact. Parents of such affected teens are living without peace of mind. But, at the same time, there are a number of parents who do not know what teen depression is. They may not be able to recognize the symptoms of the problem.

Ironically, there are parents who ignore this problem in their teens. This is dangerous. These parents do not realize that if teen depression remains untreated, these young children may even go to the extent of contemplating suicide. Some of them take to the habits of drug addiction, regular alcohol consumption, etc. If parents continue to ignore these problems, these teens may irretrievably sink in the quagmire of these habits.

What are the Risks of Teen Depression?

Low Self Esteem

Teens affected by depression may have very low self esteem. So, they may become quiet and may not like to interact with others. They will be moody also.

Dip in Grades

Adolescents affected by teen depression may avoid going to school. Even if they attend school, they may not concentrate on the lessons taught. So, their performance in tests will be below par. They may not do their assignments on time. Teachers may start complaining about their indifferent behavior.

Escaping from Difficult Situations

If the affected teens come across difficult situations, they may tend to run away or escape from them instead of facing them squarely. This is because they may not have the confidence to face such situations.

Eating Disorders

There may be significant changes in their eating patterns. They may shun food and more particularly good and nutritious foods. Due to this, their health will be spoiled.

Losing Interest

Adolescents affected by teen depression may lose interest even in those activities they used to like earlier.

Suicidal Thoughts

If teens have been seriously affected by depression, they may have suicidal thoughts. This is a dangerous trend. In fact, the number of suicidal deaths due to depression has been increasing alarmingly in the recent times.

In view of the above, parents should always be alert and if they find any signs of teen depression in their children, they should act immediately.

Tips to Parents for Handling Depression of Their Teens

Parents should first seek the help of an expert because experts alone can guide them properly. They should learn as much information about teen depression as possible.

Teens affected by depression may be feeling hurt and may have sad feelings. Handling them may be very difficult and hence, parents should adopt a patient approach. They should teach their teens as to how to handle their feelings, disappointments, peer pressure and other types of pressures.

Parents should never give lengthy lectures to their teens. Such preaches may go over the head of these teens. They should have short talks with them. But they should ensure to spend adequate time with their teens. Parents should interact and communicate with their teens as often as possible. They should listen to them attentively without interrupting or thrusting their opinions on them. In fact, teens consider their parents as their role models and if parents spend quality time with them, they will be extremely happy.

Parents should always speak encouraging words and even if the achievements of their teens are quite small, they should appreciate them profusely but sincerely.

Parents should encourage their teens to do regular exercises and indulge in physical activities. Instead of commanding them, they can entrust to them small activities that involve physical activities.

If parents think that the teen depression problem that has affected their children is quite serious, they should ensure to provide them with appropriate medical treatment, counseling, etc. If parents make sincere efforts, they can certainly see their teens through the problem of teen depression.

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