Connection Between Creativity and Asperger’s Syndrome

There are experts who point out that those who have been affected by asperger’s syndrome can be highly creative in their chosen areas. According to the experts, this may be due to their enhanced sensitivity to stimuli like visual as well as auditory stimuli. Another special attribute may be that these people may have enhanced perception and therefore, they may have the ability to keep their mind focused on their goals or their specific interests. It is this focus that may be contributing to their creativity. History is replete with examples of a number of famous, creative people like artists, authors, musicians and so on who had been affected by asperger’s syndrome.

It cannot be said that the degree of affliction was the same in all these great artists. Some of them were affected to a limited degree and it is believed that there were others who were affected to a greater degree.

Factors that may contribute to asperger’s syndrome

A few experts opine that asperger’s syndrome is nothing but autism of a milder degree. Symptoms of the problem may vary from one person to another because there are a number of contributing factors that may cause this problem. Some of the factors include environmental conditions and the presence of triggers that include the ones that cause stress. Depending upon the degree of support these people get, the symptoms as well as the intensity of the problem may vary.

Asperger’s syndrome can be identified in children even before their schooling

In general, parents may be able to notice the symptoms of asperger’s syndrome in the affected children even before they start their schooling and when they start interacting with children around the same age.

Main Difference Between Autism And asperger’s syndrome

One of the main problems faced by children with asperger’s syndrome is that these children may not be able to pick up cues like the verbal and the non verbal ones during their social interactions. Unlike in the case of Autism, children who have been affected by asperger’s syndrome do not have any problem in their cognitive skills, basic intelligence and also language development.

Asperger’s syndrome and inability to know nuances in communication

Because of their interest in unique things that need a lot of innovative thinking, they have considerable creativity. But unfortunately, these children may not appreciate or know the subtle nuances in speaker-listener communications. Therefore, they can keep on talking eloquently on those topics in which they have interest whether they are being listened to or not. In short, they may not have the specific ability of empathetic communication due to which their peer relationships may be much below par. Their social interactions may also be less than desirable levels.

Creativity can help them excel in their chosen areas

Other attributes of children with asperger’s syndrome are that they may have average or more than average intelligence. Their conversational skills may be poor. They may not able to control their emotions like anger, anxiety and depression. They may be unable to think or visualize abstract things also. Other symptoms are that they may lack empathy during their communications with their friends or their family members. Others may find that they are not capable of following the usual routine. Since they have interest in special and unique areas, people suffering from asperger’s syndrome may be creative due to which they may excel in those areas.

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