Children Benefit from a Healthy Marriage between Parents

A loving relationship between husband and wife sets the foundation of a jubilant family. One of the most important things a parent can do is to have a normal, best possible conjunction with the spouse for the sake of the well being of their children. At the time of growing up, when children see their parents supporting each other and are getting on really well, then they also pick up a positive attitude and try to get along with their friends in a sociable and healthy manner.

Every ounce of effort a couple puts in their relationship gets back to them through their children. Researchers have shown that healthy marriages not only create a good impact on the children but also on society. Children who are raised by their biological parents are on an average physically and mentally more balanced than the kids who are raised by single mothers or fathers.

Importance of marriage for a child’s well being

Children of healthy marriages greatly benefit from programs that couples form through their skills and knowledge. Community marriage and family programs work together effectively to help parents maintain and develop a healthy and stable relationship, and in turn also benefit the children. When couples are married and the kid is raised by both parents, they can easily rely on both of them emotionally and financially.

Couples having healthy marriages are more likely to have more income on an average than cohabiting couple or singles. Also, when couples are healthily married their commitment towards the marriage brings a higher sense of security and trust and so positive communication between the spouses and with the children becomes a possibility. Children who are born and brought up outside of marriages are more likely to spend approximately 51% of their childhood in distress.

Teenagers raised by parents who were never married or who have gotten divorced are likely to have poor health as compared to the children with married parents. Sometimes these teens also willingly give birth to babies out of wed locks.

Impact of divorce on a child’s life

Divorce has always had a negative impact on society and on children and teenagers. All aspects of a child’s life are affected. Academic records may go bad and the child may experience difficulty in achieving higher education and a well balanced professional life. Some studies have also revealed that children of divorced parents have greater behavioral issues including mental and health problems.

Children are great imitators and they can pick every little thing out of an argument. If they find their parents arguing constantly, hitting one another or calling each other names, they will probably be seen to repeat the same sort of behavior. Unhealthy marriages create insecurity among children which increases with each passing day. The insecurity also gets reflected through poor academic records, reckless behaviors at home and school and also through acute anxiety and depression.

No doubt couples are expected to have clashes with their opinions and other household things but that does not mean the marriage should end up in a divorce. By working on the relationship they can overcome the rough phases pretty easily which not only helps the couple, but also the child.

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