Can Talk Therapy Help in Solving Anxiety Issues

These days, more and more individuals are facing the issue of anxiety and depression. This is more so in the case of young adults and teenagers. Busy working life, stressful schedule etc are some of the common causes of anxiety. No matter the reason, treating anxiety at the earliest is always advisable. If left untreated, it can multiply quickly which can be detrimental to the health of the patient. Moreover, serious levels of anxiety trigger many other health issues such as mental retardation, heart problems and lots more. Therefore, treating anxiety issues in their infancy stage is highly recommendable. Luckily, there are various ways to treat anxiety. However, a talk therapy has proved to be one of the most successful ways to cope up with anxiety issues.

What are talk therapies and how do they help in easing anxiety issues

In simple terms, talk therapies include cognitive behavior therapy, psychotherapy, counseling, self help groups and group therapy. Usually cognitive behavior therapy is conducted in a clinic. Talk therapy involves analysis of the problem, examining of thoughts and behavior patterns of the patient in a given situation. Typically, patients have to attend 10 to 12 sessions, each of the session lasting for about one hour. During the sessions, the therapist closely examines the behavior of the patient and makes him realize how abnormally he behaves even in a normal situation. With proper support and assistance, the patient is guided to behave normally and do not overreact to particular things.

Counseling and psychotherapy

In counseling and psychotherapy, the patient’s past as well as recent behaviors are examined to find out the problems of the patient. In other words, these two therapies act as a monitoring guide to assess the behavior patterns of the patient. If the person is improving, the therapist will move ahead with further treatment. On the other hand, more counseling and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) sessions will be held when the patient show no signs of recovery.

Self help groups

Apart from CBT and counseling, self help groups and group therapy is another part of anxiety treatment. In self help groups, the patient interacts with like minded individuals and shares his problems with others. As a result, the patient feels confident that his is not alone dealing with the problem. By sharing views and experiences with others, he feels better and is motivated to get rid of his problems. Moreover, the patient gets to know the progress of treatment of others d3aling with similar issues. All these things help the patient to deal with his problems with ease.

Closing thoughts

Thus, a talk therapy is the most effective way of treating serious levels of anxiety. Patient of all age groups have benefited largely with these therapies during the past few years. This is why, more and more therapist employ talk therapies for treating patients with depression and anxiety issues. If used in the right perspective, these therapies can resolve most of the psychological and anxiety issues faced by any person no matter the severity of the problem.

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