Can Anxiety Issues Affect Job Searches

The high stress levels in the body are the result of the nervous system’s response to a perceived threat in the environment. This reaction from the brain results in the release of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that are intended to rouse the body for a “fight or flight situation”. Stress can keep you on your toes as you go about your everyday work and challenging situations. But stress beyond a certain degree has a damaging effect on the body, work productivity and overall quality of life. 

The transition from being a student to an active job seeker may be hindered by excessive levels of stress and the underlying anxiety issues. Job search related stress may be triggered by issues like continuous rejection, lack of proper communication and uncontrollable events like hiring freezes, mergers and buyouts. People with controlling personalities are more prone to stress during the hiring and recruitment process.

Anxiety disorders hamper a job seeker’s natural ability to answer the interview questions with intelligent responses. The sense of being overwhelmed by the whole interview process tends to have a dulling effect on the job seeker as his resilience fades in the face of constant rejection. People tend to catastrophize every rejection only to carry the negative energy into their next interview creating an endless cycle of negativity and anxiety.

Stress Management for Effective Job Searches

There are times when stress and anxiety issues seem insurmountable even if you hope against all odds to conquer them. Stress management is the key crucial technique that can be employed effectively to bring down the stress levels before a job search or an interview.

The first and the foremost thing to be done while managing stress is steering clear of all the negative influences in your life including individuals who may have a pessimistic attitude that may rub off on you. The best way to deal with a stressful situation is altering it on the whole. A conflicting situation can be cleared by arriving at a consensus on the issue which may otherwise be a bone of contention that triggers continuous stress.

Regular exercise, proper sleep and a balanced diet are important while trying to control the stress levels. Activities like meditation, yoga and tai chi help promote inner calm and a peaceful demeanor that may help an individual control his anxiety issues. A cheerful and courageous attitude even in the face of rejection will ensure that you stay positive and are not run down by the negative thoughts. A focus on solutions, increased self awareness and clarity in thoughts will help in building a mental attitude that never quits even in adverse conditions.

An exposure to rejections is the only way of not getting overwhelmed by them, as they should be taken in the stride while you continue working towards that dream job. There will be points in your life where situations will seem to be out of your control. The only thing to decide then would be how you go about turning the negatives into positives without letting your anxiety control you.

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