Are You Living with Teen Anxiety

Teen anxiety has become a common problem among many adolescents. But, the degree of anxiety may vary from one teen to another. The causes of anxiety may also vary widely because of the different perceptions everyone has.

Before discussing teen anxiety, we should know what anxiety is. Experts define anxiety as a reaction to stressful situations. For example, when a teen has an important examination, he or she may be anxious or if a teen is suddenly asked to speak in public, it may trigger anxiety in him or her. There are many other things like meeting strangers, going on the first date, performing in sports and so on that may cause anxiety. The problem is some teens over-react to such stressful situations.

Anxiety is Good

Experts point out that anxiety to a certain extent can be good because it can help the teens handle situations appropriately. To quote an example, if you, as a teen, have an examination, you may prepare for it well if you are anxious. If you do not care, you may not do well in the examination.

Anxiety is Bad

Anxiety causes harm if it exceeds the limit or if it is not rational. If a teen has excessive anxiety, he or she may not be able to focus to find out the right solutions to the stressful situations he or she faces.

When you are excessively anxious, you may avoid your friends. This means unless you take appropriate efforts to reduce your anxiety levels, you may not be able to enjoy your teen years.

How To Cope Up With Anxiety?

If you are not able to handle your problem of teen anxiety, you should make the right efforts.

Recognize Your Problem

You should first recognize that you have the problem of teen anxiety. You should understand the emotions you feel and the reasons for these emotions. Only if you know the situations that cause anxiety in you, you can get rid of the problem. In fact, as soon as you admit that a particular situation triggers anxiety in you, you will feel some sort of relief in you. This will enable you to take further steps for getting rid of it altogether.

Seek Professional Help

When you think that you are not able to handle your teen anxiety problem, you should not hesitate to seek professional help. You should therefore know the signs of excessive anxiety.

Signs Of Teen Anxiety

One of the signs is that you will feel anxious without any reason. You may constantly worry and even your routine activities may trigger anxiety in you.

Another sign is that you may start checking repeatedly if you have done things in the right manner.

If you become restless and are not able to take any action in certain situations, it can also be a strong sign to show that you have teen anxiety problem.

Treatment Options For Teen Anxiety

Consulting a competent psychiatrist is the most important step in treating teen anxiety. Even school counselors can help you or they can refer you to a good psychiatrist. This doctor may put your life back to normalcy and you may be able to perform well in your studies and can again have healthy relationships with your friends and family members.

One of the commonest treatments is medication. There are several anti-anxiety medicines like benzodiazepines available for teen anxiety. Of course, the psychiatrist or psychologist will evaluate you before prescribing these medicines. These doctors may also advise cognitive-behavioral-therapy if they think you need it.

For specific anxieties, the doctors may prescribe beta-blockers so that you can handle the feared events without any problem. In short, it is for the doctors to evaluate your problem and prescribe the appropriate medicines that suit your condition.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

The therapist will identify the thoughts that trigger anxiety in you and use this option for treating you. You should ensure to choose an experienced therapist so that you can have the desired results quickly.


In this option, the therapist uses electronics for measuring your body’s response to stressful situations. Based on this information, the therapist will give the right treatment for controlling or regulating the responses.

Relaxation Techniques

Psychologists suggest relaxation techniques for tackling the problem of teen anxiety. Deep breathing, yoga, meditation, listening to soothing and melodious music, the Chinese Tai Chi, etc. are some of the relaxation techniques.

If you choose the appropriate treatment option that suits your condition, you can certainly get rid of your teen anxiety and live with peace of mind.

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