App For Self-Esteem

The French government has recently launched its very own smartphone app that has been designed with the intent of helping women boost their self-esteem at work. Women with higher self-esteem are likely to be effective in closing the gender pay gap that exists in society today. Leadership Pour Elles is responsible for this launch, which has been done in an attempt to mark France’s Equal Pay Day.

The Gap Between Male And Female Pay

Along with the launch of this new app, a certain study released its results concerning the issue of pay rises among men and women all over the world. The study declared that men are nine times more likely to ask for a hike in their pay as compared to women. The French government has cited the wage gap between males and females to be 25 per cent, which is a rather gap.

France’s Equal Pay Day

This is the day when the earnings of women are able to match up with the earnings of their male counterparts in the previous year. This date has been chalked out in an attempt to stress upon the bias against working women, who need to work for a total of 433 days in order to earn as much as their male counterparts earn within a span of 365 days.

The Self-Esteem App: What It’s All About

At the launch of this app, the Minister of Women’s Rights, Najat Belkacem-Vallaud stressed upon the fact that it is of vital importance for women to boost their confidence, which plays a vital role in life. She elaborated upon how the tools that were once only in the hands of a few privileged individuals are now being handed over to women everywhere, in an attempt to empower them to achieve greatness.

It can be easily downloaded from the website of the Ministry for Women’s Rights or from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. This application has been acclaimed for being a remarkable tool that can help women carve a niche for themselves in their area of work.

What the Self-Esteem App Includes

This app is loaded will all the necessary information that women need to empower themselves. It comes with advice and other details to boost a woman’s self-esteem. What’s more is that this handy tool is absolutely free.

This app includes ways through which any woman can become more confident of herself and strive towards achieving her goals. It shows women how the concept of self-censorship can be done away with and self-esteem can be raised to great levels. This is done with the intent of helping women achieve their maximum potential at work. Created by experts who are from business networks for women, this app starts off with a questionnaire that evaluates a user’s level of self-esteem, after which it begins to point out areas in which they need improvement.

It challenges women to take courage and try new things. It also offers helpful advice on power dressing, effective public speaking and correct body language. Though it is designed for women, this app is also available to men. 

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