Anxiety and Teen Depression Responsible for Sleeping Disorders

Nobody will deny that the problem of anxiety and teen depression is on the rise. More and more teenagers are suffering from serious levels of depression and anxiety. Bullying, ragging, low self esteem, lack of confidence etc are some of the factors that lead to anxiety and depression among majority of youngsters. This is more so in the case of school or college going teens that are more prone to stressful schedule compounded with ragging. Often such situations trigger many other disorders. Sleeping disorders is one such condition caused by depression.

Anxiety causes hopelessness

Often teens with some kind of anxious feeling or fear tend to become hopeless. They think that they won’t fare better in a given situation due to the fear factor that makes them depressed. Persistent fear triggered by anxious feeling makes a child stay awake at night for hours without sleep which in turn results in sleeping disorders.

When children are depressed about a particular event or occasion due to any reason, they seem to think about that particular event again and again. Such things get centered in the thoughts and feelings of children which make them disturbed all the time. No matter whether it is a day time or an unearthly hour, teenagers tend to think about the fear and anxiety which subsequently leads to inadequate sleep. If the situation continues for a long time, it leads to insomnia and many other sleep disorders.

Teen depression leads to low self esteem

Often people who are depressed and anxious believe that they are no more useful to the society. They began to feel that there is no value of their own self. Such feelings get too much engraved among teenagers. In an attempt to get away with these negative thoughts, teens keep on thinking about the issue. Unluckily, most of them think in the wrong direction, and do not discuss their problems with others. As a result, they stay awake when they are unable to get a solution to their problems causing sleeping disturbance.

Depression triggers fear

Teenagers who do not fare well at their school and colleges tend to be fearful. Many teens get depressed due to failures. Some even feel that they will never succeed at anything in their life. Instead of seeking the help of a therapist, these teens get occupied by the feeling and sense of failures which in turn makes them fearful all the time. Often this negative fear keeps them awake at night. If the problem is not resolved, it can subsequently lead to inadequate sleep or sleep disorders.

Final words

Thus, it becomes quite clear that teen depression and anxiety causes a number of unusual health conditions including sleeping disorders. If left unattended, the problem can multiply quickly which can be detrimental to the health of the patient. Hence, it is always advisable to tackle the condition as early as possible. Timely medication and counseling session can help in healing teen depression and subsequently sleeping disorders.

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