Adulthood Love Life can get Influenced by Teen Depression – Study reveals

A recent research reveals that effects of teen depression, anger and other negative emotions can last well past the teenage and may impact the romantic relationships that develop even during the middle age of people.

It was at the Alberta University, Edmonton this study was conducted and researchers have concluded that the effects of anger and teen depression may last even for a period of over 20 years.

Negative emotions and teen depression may influence adulthood love

The study was conducted over a time-span of 25 years and it involved 341 people that included 178 females and 163 males. In this study, it has been found that the negative emotions like anger and problems such as teen depression may impact important life events of people including their romantic life, marriages, child-rearing, careers, and so on.

Mental health is crucial for future happiness and adulthood love

Till now, even experts have been nurturing an opinion that teen depression and emotions like anger may stop resonating in the later life of people. But now, this study has negated this opinion because the effects of depression during teens and emotions like anger seem to be more obstinate and can negatively influence adulthood romance and love life. From this, it is quite evident that if there are mental health problems during teenage, they should be set right soon because any delay in tackling them may adversely affect people’s adulthood love and several other life events. Johnson, who is an Assistant Professor of Human Ecology in Agricultural-Life-and-Environmental-Sciences, is one among the researchers who came out with these findings.

Further exploration necessary

The findings of this research are invaluable for pursuing further studies for getting insights about vulnerabilities in adulthood relationships. Further studies will help in exploring and researching the tools that may be useful for having and maintaining fulfilling relationships and love life.

Galambos, who is a professor in the Psychology Department is of the opinion that further study is necessary to have “long-term, broad views of peoples’ lives to understand the pathways to happiness and successful life outcomes.”

How recognizing and studying the past chapters can help

From this study, it is clear that people can succeed in having a good love life and maintaining their couple relationships if they learn to recognize and study the happenings during their teenage. They should study even their mental health problems, if any, and emotions like anger. Professor Matthew Johnson adds “It’s not only your partner’s current behavior or your current behavior shaping your relationship, but the story you bring with you.”

According to him, the aim of the research was to find out if teen depression and negative emotions like anger could affect adulthood love life and bonds. The findings clearly reveal that it is important to recognize mental health issues like teen depression and treat them on time so that they may not influence intimate and close relationships at a later stage.

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